Mzimhlophe, an area about 60m km north of Kranskop in central Natal was founded on Trust land in the Nkandla district of KwaZulu as a  place of relocation, The name means “white home”, named as it was after the shiny tin huts  erected by new residents when they were first relocated there. The place was also known as Qhudeni because it was closer to a trading store or bus stop by that name. Across the valley from Mzimhlophe there was Gubazi and behind it Singabantu which were also relocation settlements.

The Qhudeni project area accounts for approximately 12% of Nquthu Municipal land. The total population of the Nquthu Local Municipality, as recorded in the Census 2011 is estimated at 165 282 persons while the overall population of the Qhudeni Rural Housing project area is approximately 7 685 persons which resides in approximately 1 430 households within the project area. The development entails the construction of approximately 1 000 new top structures within the project area, and will therefore service approximately 1 000 beneficiaries and their associated families.

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