(prior to 1910)

The village of Nieuwoudtville was established in 1897 on the farm Groenrivier which, as the name implies, was sited on the banks of the Groen River. The area had also been known previously as as Groene Rivier, Bokkeveld, Onder Bokkeveld and Groen River (Onder Bokkeveld), and was located on the Bokkeveld escarpment. It was named after the Nieuwoudt family, who owned the land until 1897, when it was purchased by the Dutch Reformed Church who developed it as a kerkplaats (church farm).

On 20 June 1901 Boer forces entered the village and ransacked its post office, inflicting extensive damage to its establishment. Five months later, on 25 November, Boer commandos under General JC Smuts returned to Nieuwoudtville where, by all accounts, they are reported to have been well received by its residents. They remained in occupation until at least 4 January 1902.

This is now a very tranquil way of life, the village of Nieuwoudtville lies on the Bokkeveld Plateau, where the Cape Fynbos meets the Hantam Karoo, Boesmanland and the Knersvlakte. It is a place where the experience of silence, space and stars contribute to a tranquil way of life. Visit the Neo-Gothic Sandstone Church (National Monument), local Historical Sandstone Ruins, Quiver Tree Forest (Aloe Dichotoma), Glacial Pavement- Goelogical formations, abundant Rock Art, Nieuwoudtville Wild Flower Reserve, Hantam National Botanical Garden, Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve and the Nieuwoudtville Waterfall Reserve. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed – including: caravanning, bird watching, hiking; cycling, 4 x 4 routes or, stargazing.

-31° 21' 42.7262", 19° 6' 32.1047"

Prepared by Franco Frescura