Situated on the Northern slope of Table Mountain is a must see Memorial too Cecil John Rhodes. Behind the Memorial lies a unique Restaurant and Tea Garden. This vantage point not only allows a panoramic view of the Cape Flats to the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland Mountain ranges but is one of the few vantage points where both the Atlantic and Indian oceans can be seen. 
Built from Cape granite quarried on Table Mountain, the Thodes memorial consists of 49 steps – one for each year of Rhodes’s life. The Doric columns were inspired by Rhodes’s appreciation of classical Architecture, and the eight lions were modelled on those at the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.
Cecil John Rhodes was Prime Minister of the Cape from 1890 until 1896. He is among the most prominent figures in South African history. Rhodes rose to prominence as a Financier, Politician, and Founder of the De Beers Company of mines. In South African history, Rhodes's name has become synonymous with British imperialism in Africa. The Rhodes memorial is situated below Devil's Peak on the Groote Schuur Estate. Herbert Baker designed the memorial and the memorial was completed 5 July 1912. 
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