The Roodepoort Town School was established in the 1890s and its premises, including a School Building and a Hall, were opened on 8 October 1913. In 1914 the Building and grounds were temporarily taken over by the Military as Barracks and a Horse Paddock, but it was soon returned to its original function, and continued to be used as a School until 1970. It was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 10 March 1989. The Old Roodepoort Town School, consisting of the main Building with 14 Classrooms, three Offices, three Stationery Store-rooms, a Hall and the Toilets, as well as the Court-yard of the School, situated on Erf 2100, in Rooderpoort Township.
In 1996 the school became St. John the Baptist Catholic school. The Society`s priory had already existed since 1992 in Roodepoort, where the Town School had been purchased and converted into a Church and Priory. However, there were still several Classrooms available. Father Sebastian Wall established the new School in just one week, starting with one trained Teacher and nine Students, from First to Fifth grade. 
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