Sannieshof is a small train stop and farming town in the middle of the North West Province’s maize farming belt, it lies surrounded by the four towns of Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Mahikengand Vryburg. The a vast rural area called: the ‘Stellaland' (Star Land) or Platteland (Flat Land), and is known for its massive bank of grain silos and plant nurseries. It started as a post office to serve the farms in the district and was named in honour of the first postmaster, John Voorendijk's wife Sannie.

Sannieshof is very small community, but well worth a visit if you are driving through the the North West on the N14, to enjoy the local hospitality, food and a few other delightful little surprises, in this small close knit town, before visiting the Barberspan Bird Sanctuary only 30km away, between Sannieshof and Delareyville.
Sannieshof is 70km south-west of Coligny on the N14. Look out for huge grain silos!

25° 46' 55.2", -26° 32' 56.4"