Seshego is a Township in the Polokwane Local Municipality of the Capricorn District Municipality of the Limpopo Province It lies directly North West of Polokwane and until 1974, was the Capital of the non independent Bantustan of; Lebowa. Lebowa was abolished in 1994. Lebowa was a former non-independent Bantustan that was in Northern Transvaal, South Africa. It comprised two major and several minor exclaves (detached portions). Lebowa was designated by the South African government as the national territory for the northern Sotho people (Pedi, Lovedu, Kanga-Kone, and others). Lebowa was a territorial assembly, established in 1962, was replaced by a legislative assembly in 1971. The following year Lebowa was granted self-government. Political parties became defined soon after the first election, held in 1973. The Lebowa People’s Party, under Chief Minister C.N. Phatudi, controlled the legislative assembly, while the Lebowa National Party, led by M.M. Matlala, constituted the opposition. By 1978, Lebowa was the actual residence of more than half of South Africa’s northern Sotho people, all of whom were legally Lebowa citizens. Under the South African constitution that abolished the apartheid system, Lebowa was reincorporated into South Africa in 1994 as part of the newly created Northern (now Limpopo) Province.
The Town’s Industries produce food, beverages, tobacco, textiles, wearing apparel, leather goods, wood and wood products, fabricated metal products, machinery, and equipment. Many of Seshego’s inhabitants commute to Polokwane for employment. The Population in (2001) 121,639, however the Population in (2020) had increased to; 426 000!

-23° 50' 56.4", 29° 22' 55.2"