The ANC’s iconic Shell House in downtown Johannesburg, where Nelson Mandela planned the Democratic takeover of the South African Government, has been sold to Union Investment Company Hosken Consolidated Investments (HCI). It could be Housing 500 families by as early as next year. 
Shell House was the ANC’s first Headquarters after its Unbanning in 1990, and was the site of a 1994 Massacre that threatened to undo preparations for the first Democratic Elections. 
The now dilapidated high-rise, which the ANC itself described as an “eyesore” in an internal report last year, is going to be turned into affordable rental Accommodation as part of a growing portfolio of such units owned by HCI. Beautifully restored, the historic Shell House offers a variety of affordable accommodation options to city dwellers and families.
Safe and Secure, the Building has 24-hour security, access control and Underground Parking. Located Centrally, opposite Noord/MTN Taxi Rank and in close vicinity to Johannesburg Park Station and Johannesburg Art Gallery, making Shell House the ideal home.
The ANC, the ruling Political Party in South Africa, now has its Headquarters at Luthuli House, relocating there in 1997.
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