Prior to the commencement of scheduled flights to Skukuza Airport on 2 June 2014, the Airport Runway was repaired and resurfaced. Work to rehabilitate the Terminal Building incorporating Natural elements of the original structures and new infrastructure in order to make the Airport compliant with International standards was also completed! The completed Airport is now able to process a total of 400 passengers Daily and a total of 20 Aircraft movements per Day (a combination of 10 arrivals and 10 departures which include lodge feeder flights and charter flights!)
The reintroduction of daily scheduled air services to Skukuza Airport, which is located within the Kruger National Park in close proximity to the San Parks’ Skukuza Camp, is a significant step forward in the process of improving visitor convenience and access to this World renowned wild life Destination!
The Skukuza Airport operates in compliance with the South African Civil Aviation regulations (as well as international policy ‐ ICAO) applicable to Cat 5 and Part 121 scheduled passenger Transportation. Accordingly multiple aspects of the original Airport Terminal required modification and extension to bring the Airport in line with current airport security and passenger processing regulations. The key objective of the enhanced Building design was to achieve minimum impact, with the new Building additions and modifications being in harmony with the existing design as well as having limited intrusive visual impact on the surroundings. Accordingly the top of the roofing of the new structures has been kept at or below the existing Building roof line and a principle design objective has been to blend the structure into the trees and foliage, incorporating existing trees within the new structure. The Building therefore from an Architectural purist perspective seeks to make its statement from its form and functionality and not necessarily the external presentation of the structure itself! Set within the bush of the Sabi Sands, the Runway is so tiny, its barely visible from the air - and you'll have plenty of fun trying to spot game as you land! It's probably one of the most beautiful Airports you will ever visit with giant globe chandeliers, African decor, and a life-sized statue of a rhino guiding you through the short and stress-free walk from plane to baggage collection (which is really just a man carrying your bags through a small hole in the wall and setting them on a wooden platform under a thatched roof). There's barely a wait for your bags but keep an eye out for the Vervet monkeys who are ready to grab hold of a shiny object if you're not careful!
The Airport is the easiest and fastest way to Travel to one of the largest natural wildlife Reserves in the World, allowing more time to enjoy your holiday.

31° 35' 20.4", -24° 57' 46.8"