This is known as; 'The Parish of Our Lady, Flight in to Egypt'. The German architect, Carl Otto Hager, was the designer. He also did numerous other religious Buildings including the Dutch Reformed Church in Stellenbosch: the 'NG Moederkerk'. The Cathedral was designed in the Neo-Gothic idiom, with the characteristic features such as a high nave and steep roof, side aisles with flat roofs and crenelated parapets, slender in shape, pointed clerestory windows on the inside and an oak screen separating the nave from the entrance porch.
Donations for the Building project came from many sources, with large sums given by Bishop Patrick Joseph Carew and his associates from Calcutta, the Vicar Apostolic and people of Mauritius and by friends in State of Pernambuco, Brazil. The construction period lasted ten years and costs amounted to £10 000 (£5000 being the original estimated cost). The Cathedral Church was dedicated by Bishop Griffith on 28th April 1851, the day before the Feast day of Our Lady of the Flight into Egypt.(The reasoning behind the Parishes name, 'Our Lady Flight Into Egypt')

18° 25' 1.2", -33° 55' 40.8"