Bridge across the Second Creek, East London, West of Buffalo Harbour. Named in honour of Balthazar John Vorster, 1915-1983. Former Prime Minister of the Republic of South Africa, know now as the Steve Biko Bridge, formerly known as the John Vorster Bridge, was renamed in 1997 on the 20th anniversary of Steve Biko’s death; one of South Africa's great leaders in the struggle against apartheid. One of the most vital aspects of the bridge is its close proximity to Fort Glamorgan Prison. Known as kwa Nongqongqo in Xhosa, this prison was famous for having held many political prisoners during the apartheid era. Steve Biko himself served a long period of solitary confinement here in the mid-70s.
The Bridge links East London with the West Bank and airport, and crosses the Buffalo River. East London Waterfront lies almost directly underneath the Bridge, offering plenty of Restaurants, docking bays for yachts, cruises for tourists, and an excellent view of the bridge underbelly.
-33° 1' 24.24", 27° 53' 30.48"

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