Set against the dramatic Winterberg Mountains, between Cradock and Queenstown, only three hours from Port Elizabeth, Tarkastad is a typical Karoo town on the banks of the Tarka River, its streets lined with quaint Historical buildings.
Just outside the Town of Tarkastad rest two distinct flat-topped hills, aptly named Martha and Mary - they sit like two heavy women on a stoep, weary from a day’s hard work awaiting the return of men from the fields and indeed, the first farmers settled here in 1795, hence the existence of old watermills, inns and both a Dutch Reformed and Presbyterian Church. The Winterberg Mountains beckon and hiking trails abound, particularly the Toorberg, a 3-day 45 kilometre circular hike that is graded as difficult and includes having to take your own tent, and the Great Winterberg hiking trail.
The Tarkastad Rock Engravings, on a Farm called: 'Grootvlei', just North of Tarkastad, have received quite a bit of attention and are an example of the San rock paintings that draw people to the Area. Other activities in and around the little Karoo town include: 'trout fishing, the Mountain Zebra National Park and the Tsolwana Game Reserve, which lies between Queenstown and Tarkastad with some good game viewing.'

26° 15' 46.8", -32° 7.2"