In the heart of Cape Town lies the beautiful Wynberg Park, which spans 22 Hectares and showcases some of the Western Cape Vegetation, that makes this Area so pretty. The Krakeelwater River’s spring actually begins in this Park. Wynberg Park is renowned for its exquisite Conifer Garden. Every Summer, an array of colourful Hydrangeas blossom to create a carpet of colour.
As visitors ascend the slopes of the Park, they will likely see the remains of the Silvertree, which once adorned the Area in huge numbers, but has now been reduced to a solitary (but beautiful) tree.
There are a number of paths on which to walk through the Park, as well as lawns for Picnics and Braais. The children’s Playground and Duck Pond make this a perfect spot for families with young children to spend the day. Wynberg Park is sometimes, host to Fun Days and Live Concerts. 
Summer from 08h00 tio 19h00.
Winter from 08h00 to 18h00. and Entrance is Free.


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