The National Policy Conference of the ANC has resumed its third day and is proceeding according to schedule.

Commissions have resumed on time this morning and will complete their sessions at 12:30. The closed session of plenary will resume at 14:00 after lunch where all eleven Commissions will be reporting. The closed session of plenary will continue until they break for dinner at 18:30 and resume at 19:45. It is expected that plenary will continue till late tonight. After each commission`s report is adopted by plenary, a briefing will be conducted at the media centre.

We have a mini schedule for the media which is as follows:

11:00 President`s tour at the Progressive Business Foum lounge and exhibition

13:00 Deputy President`s tour at the Progressive Business Forum lounge and exhibition

12:30 media photo opportunity of delegates

15:00 onwards will be media briefings at the media centre.

The ANC would like to place on record that final proposals from each commission will be presented at the plenary for further discussion and refinement. It is therefore not true what some of the media has reported that certain discussions have been finalized. These can only be finalized during plenary and therefore conference outcomes are still to be determined by plenary.

Issued by:

Jackson Mthembu

National spokesperson 

African National Congress