This launch comes after successful sub regional programmes which took place in Phokwane and Dikgatlong Sub Regions in the recent past. Our final launch will take place in Sol Plaatje Sub Region next week-end.

Arising from our 2009 elections victory, the ANC is faced by two strategic tasks, namely, using the state power to fast track service delivery. Secondly, to sustain our mass support and the confidence the people have invested in us, as their trusted liberator.

This is propelled by an understanding that the ANC essentially exists to serve the people. Its mass character remains critical pillar that provides for the role of the masses within its structures and in driving its campaigns, which is underpinned by an understanding that the people of South Africa remain their own liberators, with the ANC being a vehicle for the advancement of such struggle.

Thus, the ANC"s character and programme strategically locates it within the people, the ANC evolved into a force of mass mobilization, the glue that held our people together and a trusted leader of forces that share the vision of a non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa.

We have set ourselves a realistic target of a 70% elections victory as we march towards 2014 general elections; we are humbled by all our structures, members and supporters who are working around the clock to achieve this objective.

The details for the Launch are as follows:

Date: 21 September 2013

Time: 12h30

Venue: ANC Constituency Complex, Ikhutseng, Warrenton

Issued by Ali Diteme

ANC Communications, Frances Baard Region


The ANC leads, the ANC lives