The African National Congress wishes to reiterate its position on Zimbabwe as per the discussions and decisions of its last National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting which took place from the 5 - 7th May 2000 in Johannesburg as follows;

  1. The ANC is confident that the route to follow in the Zimbabwean situation is one of `quiet diplomacy` instead of a fan fare approach.
  2. The ANC believes that it is through this `quiet diplomacy` that we can ensure co-operation amongst various stakeholders in Zimbabwe.
  3. The NEC further mandated its officials to pursue all means necessary including meeting various parties to ensure stability and deepening of democracy within our region.

Subsequent to the NEC, the ANC Secretary General Kgalema Motlanthe maintained communication with relevant parties in Zimbabwe, in particular ZANU-PF and the MDC in pursuance of the above mentioned positions. As a result of this approach, the ANC will meet ZANU -PF tomorrow, Saturday, 27th May 2000 at 11h00am at its Head Office, Luthuli House in Johannesburg.A press briefing will follow later.

The meeting will include senior officials of both orgnizations led by the ANC Secretary General, Kgalema Motlanthe and ZANU -PF National Chairman, J.L.Nkomo. Amongst issues to be discussed the meeting will look into:

  • Briefing on the Zimbabwean situation.
  • Discussions on the situation in the region with regards to co-operation over aspects(economy,peace and security as per SADC Resolutions)

The ANC therefore repudiates any attempts to create perceptions of divisions within the ANC over the Zimbabwean question.

For more information, contact the ANC National Media Co-ordinator Nomfanelo Kota-Mayosi at 082-570-5072 or (011) 330 - 7052

Issued by the Head of the Presidency: Smuts Ngonyama 

African National Congress Department of Communications 

51 Plein Street,