The African National Congress once more expresses it`s concern about the conduct of EFF Members of Parliament in the National Assembly today. Their refusal to abide by Parliamentary rules of having to withdraw reckless accusations when ordered by the Speaker of the National Assembly smack of gross disregard for the institution and what it represents.

It is evident that their conduct is consistent with their failed attempt at unseating the Speaker of the National Assembly which was aimed at undermining the foundation of our democracy which dictates that any member of the National Assembly is eligible to be elected as a speaker by the majority members of the House.

EFF is committed to undermine Parliament through a chaotic conduct which fails to appreciate that all members of Parliament represent constituencies bigger than their mere membership. In their chaotic conduct they are undermining and disrespecting the South African electorate. We commend the Speaker if the National Assembly for her firmness in disallowing EFF to make our Parliament unworkable. Her firmness has restored the integrity of the House and respectability of its members

Issued by:

Zizi Kodwa

National Spokesperson

African National Congress

Chief Albert Luthuli House

54 Sauer Street



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Khusela Sangoni +27 (72) 854570