10 years ago, you sent into oblivion so much energy, so much youth, so much enthusiasm, and so much love of our country. To impose your world on us, you killed, maimed, tortured, kidnapped, bombed, banished etc.

Since 2 February 1990, your government echoes what we have said and practised since 1956, that you are committed to a non-racist democracy. That apartheid is dead. (We heard that before) Unbanning the ANC, is an admission that your banning in March 1960 was wrong. It was a mistake.

Your embrace of a non-racial democracy goes further and says that we were correct in our vision for South Africa. By inference all actions against us during this period were wrong.

The laws passed to hound, nay, annihilate us were wrong. Those ANC members executed might still be alive. Those killed in preventative detention would be alive today had you not banned our non racist ideas for South Africa. All the killing of anti - apartheid activists would not have happened. That three year old Katryn Schoon would be alive had you not sent the bomb to her mother Jenni. All the education statutes to keep us ethnically stunted were wrong. The parcelling of our country into tribal homelands and reservoirs of cheap labour was wrong. So much of all the taxpayers' money used to prop up the racism of a few. Such wastage and mind blowing corruption.

Of course to expect you to apologise for what your apartheid policies did would be expecting too much. Your religious upbringing and training lacks the humility to say - I AM SORRY, unlike the church which nurtured you.

I have shown you the men, women and children your men killed on 9 December 1982. These were some of the best advocates of democracy.

Apartheid must be put to rest. It must be buried so deeply that no chance be given to it to rear its ugly head ever again.

If you love our country then you must know that unless justice is had for all her citizens, peace will be an illusion.

Too many people have died for a non racist democracy in our country. I have focused on the massacre in Lesotho only. But the list is long and the killing is still with us today.

I hope with their lives I have penetrated yours and made you think.

With time you may come to understand and we will learn to trust each other. Our country cries out for peace and peace will not come out of the barrel of your gun. You proved that on 2 February 1990. It will come when we have established a just society for all the people of our beautiful country. There is no other way.

We owe it to our comrades who were massacred in Lesotho, to dead and dying comrades everywhere. We owe it to our young men who were lead to believe that apartheid had to be "protected, with all the fire-power at your disposal and who died in its pursuit. We owe it to the people of Lesotho whose lives are so intimately linked with ours.

We must succeed now.