It used to be that the ANC was set up much more like the Zion Christian Church (ZCC), the biggest, the largest and the strongest African initiated church in world, that has its headquarters in South Africa.

In fact the ANC so patterned itself along the lines of the ZCC that it described itself with religious connotations. The ANC called itself “glorious”  (the glorious movement of our people). It called itself a church (an allusion to the ANC calling itself “a broad church”). Generally the ANC has been considered to be sacred.

Like the ZCC, the ANC was revered and respected. Like the ZCC the ANC had a footprint that stretched across the vast country and around the world. Like the ZCC it had certain kind of strictness and codes of behavior that cannot be broken. Like the ZCC it had a checkered unbroken history that began at the dawn of 1900. Like the ZCC, the ANC dominated the lives of ordinary Africans.

Circa 2016: The ZCC lives on! The ANC has fallen! The ANC has collapsed!

Annually during the festive season the country experiences massive traffic as routes leads to Zion City Moria for pilgrimage. Millions of people within the country and outside the country, massive trail of buses and cars from Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania,  flock to Zion City Moria for worship and meditations during the festive season. Political leaders from various political spectrum also visit. The ZCC refuse to be corrupted by sectarian politics. If it was not based on virtues, the ANC at this time would have long corrupted the ZCC. But the ZCC is above the ANC and the ANC entitlement will not touch it.  Many platforms have been corrupted or hollowed by the ANC sweet talk but the ZCC remains the biggest entity that has refused to be under its enclave.

The fall of ANC. Is it correct to speak about the fall of ANC? Yes, the ANC itself accepts and openly acknowledges its downfall or rather decline. The fall of the ANC is a concept that is dominant in the media. Books have been written about it. You have a book titled the Fall of the ANC by Prince Mashele that used to be high on the CNA selling list. You have the Domance and Decline of the ANC by Professor Susan Booysen of Wits School of Governance. You have another book on similar lines called We have now began our descents by broadcast journalist Justice Malala of the Justice Factor programme.

The ANC has moved from selflessness to self centredness. What a shift! It is now all about privilege without responsibility. The glamour for money.

What makes the ZCC intact and solid is that it stresses discipline and seriousness of purpose. It teaches people to be true to their responsibilities and the common believes that binds Africans together, and the sober seriousness that marks a real man. The Church don’t care who you are. They don’t care about your position in society or money. In the eyes of ZCC all people are equal. It has a strong leadership right across its footprint. The application of rules is uncompromising and ruthless. There is no kidding around, you must obey or you get out of the church. They firmly believe that serious things should not be taken lightly.

The Church dislikes disorder and luxury. A middle level ZCC bishop if he could he can buy fancy Mercedes Benz cars, and other European luxury cars and drive around as a very important person like leaders in the ANC. But no, they don’t do that. They drive around with plain cars, bakkies and so on, forever with the people they serve living with them in the spirit of camaraderie.

Why has the ANC failed to keep up to its role model? Why is the ANC no longer the paragon of virtue and respect it used to be? Why is it now a target of all kinds of jokes? What can be learned from the downfall of the ANC?

This: Any entity that fails to tame the wild nature of individuals has contrived itself to self destruction. The ANC was the ANC only because the integrity of its leaders was high among the people. Once that fell away the ANC was gone.

What defines the current leaders of the ANC is not integrity. It is greed and avarice.

The allowance of savage greed has caused the downfall of the ANC!  This is the sick luxury that the ANC should not have entertained. It lost integrity and enabled a jungle. And the dominant activity of a jungle is greed. The ANC has compromised the foundations of its cohesive equilibrium.

It took liberties with the wrong by electing primitive depravities to its higher platforms. And those primitive depravities sapped the strength of its genetic codes. It overwhelmed its social contraptions.

And within less than ten years all that is good, true and beautiful about the ANC has varnished, has been destroyed – all is gone and gone for good. The matriculation of the ANC into the ranks of decadence was never an event but a process and the ANC cadres allowed it, they cheered along when they knew something was going wrong. They cultivated it, nourished and incubated it. They lied against their consciences. They applauded and they cheered along. Power and pride have this facility to corrupt good sense.

The moral of the story is that the ANC is not a church; they are pointing you to a non-existent god. Unshackle yourself, release yourself from this entrapment.