In his national Freedom Day Call, ANC President-General Albert Lutuli calls on all lovers of freedom in our land to commemorate the past deeds for freedom and to rededicate themselves to the cause of freedom.

"Let us in all humility remember that we of this age and hour are not the first and only ones who have struggled for the liberation of the people of our land, and it behoves us to recall the men and women who, in defence of freedom, sacrificed most devotedly.

"We should recognise June 26 for what it truly is – a symbol of something real and continuous; a spirit, which having its roots in the past, is sustained in the present by an undying common hope of a glorious future.

"Wherever they may be, in their homes, at work, travelling along the highways, I call on all men and women and children of our land who love and value freedom to pause at the stroke of 9 p.m. on this day and enter into a ceremony of a united spiritual fellowship with thousands of freedom lovers throughout the length and breath of our country.

"Wherever possible people should assemble in small or large groups to observe this fellowship. Using a lamp or lantern in a darkened room, but preferably a bonfire, all should kindle a flame as a symbol of a torch of freedom that the fighters for freedom, united in fellowship, are resolved to carry in the gloomy skies of South Africa, darkened by the oppressive apartheid laws made by Parliament of whites only.

"We should at this ceremony of fellowship recount the noble deeds done in the cause of freedom and sing the songs of freedom. It is at this ceremony that we should rededicate ourselves by repeating: ‘Until freedom becomes a possession of all in our dear land of South Africa, I pledge myself to count no cost too great to gain this freedom.’

"At this moment we should tangibly show our rededication by offering to our Freedom Fund.

"I call on all Congress members, supporters and sympathisers to enter into all the activities planned for the week before June 26.

"Afrika. Mayibuye. Freedom in our Lifetime!"

ES Reddy