The Hon’ble Prime Minister, Distinguished Delegates,

It is a great honour for me to extend warm greetings to this timely conference of Parliamentarians against Racism and Apartheid. Indeed, your Conference is taking place at a time when all peace loving people of the world should be firmly united in their determined efforts, not only to isolate the criminal apartheid regime but also to contribute actively and positively to the struggle for the total eradication of the apartheid system that has been correctly declared a punishable crime against humanity.

The apartheid regime is daily intensifying its brutal repression of our people and increasing its aggression against the neighbouring independent States in an attempt to force these countries to stop their support for the legitimate struggle of the people of South Africa and Namibia led by the ANC and SWAPO.

Despite all this, our people’s determination to destroy that inhuman system and to create a united non-racial and democratic South Africa has never been as high as it is today while the unity of the Frontline States in their commitment to the support for the aspiration of our people is as firm as ever.

I wish your Conference which will certainly help to mobilise Parliamentarians throughout the world for concrete action against apartheid, the greatest possible success. Forward to our common victory.

ES Reddy