Oliver Tambo representing the ANC

Vusumzi L. Make representing the PAC

On October 5th, 1960, the "electorate" of the Union of South Africa voted in favour of a Republic by a majority of 70,000 votes. In this referendum held to decide the basic structure of the country, it is important to note that the millions of Africans and other non-white people of that country did not have a say because the indigenous majority of South Africa are not voters. The significance of this referendum is that the "electorate" of South Africa has not only endorsed the brutal policies of the South African Government but has also given the rulers of South Africa a fresh mandate to carry on their campaign directed at making Africans "hewers of wood and drawers of water" in the land of their birth. The South African Government will now carry on their policies which led to the brutal massacres of Sharpeville and Pondoland. 

In complete defiance of opposition within the country and of world public opinion, the South African Government is proceeding with renewed vigour to carry out their most hated policies based on the theory of white supremacy and racial discrimination. It is the intention of the Government of South Africa to extend the most hated pass system to African women. The Government is continuing with the establishment of "bantustans" despite continued opposition by the African people. As a result of the fanaticism of the Government of South Africa, the world can expect more Sharpevilles, as it is quite clear that the Government are now arming every man, woman and child. 

The South Africa United Front, which is the coordinating body of the main nationalist liberatory movements in South Africa, has sent its representatives to the current session of United Nations to alert the world of the dangers of the policy of the Government of the Union of South Africa and to appeal for speedy international intervention at the United Nations level. 

United Nations Action 

The massacres of Windhoek, of Sharpeville, and now of Pondoland, are evidence of an attitude of contempt for human life, world opinion, and the United Nations Charter. Such an attitude calls for nothing less than the harshest measures on the part of the United Nations. It is positive and swift action only, in the form of economic sanctions, which will halt the relentless pursuit of apartheid and save South Africa from worse Sharpevilles. South West Africa 

The people of South West Africa have for years been pleading their case against South Africa before the United Nations. In view of the intransigence of the South African Government, the termination of the present mandate as an expression of the will of the countries and peoples of the world which created it, and in satisfaction of the crying demand of the people of South West Africa, has now become a matter of urgency. It cannot be consistent with the obligations of the nations of the world towards the people of South West Africa, that South Africa should be allowed to continue persecuting them. It is heartening to know that the question of South West Africa is being taken to the International Court of Justice to determine the right of the United Nations to terminate the mandate.