Key People in the June 16 Soweto Youth Uprising

16 June 1976 Student Protests Image source

Many people were involved in the historic turning point that 16 June 1976 became. These South African students, parents, activists, government employees, and others were in Soweto itself and elsewhere across the country. They made their contributions (from positive to destructive) leading up to the day, on the day itself, and through the tumultuous period following June 16th. The biographies here are of some of these role players. This section of our site is currently being researched further, so the selection is provisional and is in no way intended to appear an exhaustive list of key participants. The plan for this section is to organize biography categories as follows: student organization leaders, students, parents, government leaders, eye-witnesses, other key leaders, and Soweto poets and artists, to name a few.


Key adult supporters included:

Key journalists included:

ANC Leaders who established contacts with Soweto Student Leadership:

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