In 1971 Conny Braam, together with some others, broke away from the Comite Zuid-Afrika (CZA) to form the more radical Anti-Apartheidsbeweging Nederland (AABN). The AABN played an important role in the international struggle against apartheid and Braam was the leader of this organisation. This organisation offered support to the African National Congress (ANC) in exile and informed the Dutch public. In 1986 Braam was approached by leaders of the ANC in exile and asked to assist with Operation Vula. Braam went about helping with the setting up of safe-houses inside South Africa and with arranging the smuggling of documents into South Africa. She also made contact with people inside Europe where the ANC could arrange disguises and obtain things they needed. Braam was able to come into contact with many of the prominent ANC members, both as leader of the AABN and in her personal capacity. In 1990 she visited South Africa for the first time.


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