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District Six , Cape Town, South Africa

George Hallett was born in District Six, Cape Town in the Western Province (now Western Cape) in 1942. He is a Cape Town based photographer. He taught himself the art, beginning his career as a street photographer. After establishing close associations with writers and artists he gave up his clerical job and became a staff photographer with a local newspaper. Hallett made a poignant personal document of District Six, a part of Cape Town that had been declared white, forcing all black inhabitants to be removed and their property destroyed. 

In 1970 he left South Africa to work for The Times of London. Hallett took a personal interest in the exiled South African artists living in Europe and his collection houses a strong selection of those artists. Hallett has taught photography in Europe, America and Africa and continues to take a motivated interest in community-based arts projects in our country.

He returned permanently to South Africa in 1995. In 1997 he was jury member of the World Press Awards. Hallett is currently working on various personal projects involving the Red Cross Children's Hospital, Muslim families in Cape Town, and preparing an exhibition on Black Life in the city during the 1970's.


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Principal solo exhibitions

  • Metropolitan Life headquarters, Cape Town, 1999.
  • Bo-Kaap Museum, "The Face of Bo-Kaap", Cape Town, 1999. Maidenhead Cultural Centre, "Dance for All", UK, 2000.
  • "Red Cross Children's Hospital", Cavendish Square, Cape Town, 2002.
  • Group shows
  • Piazza Maggiore, "La Cultura Diversita", with Oliviero Toscani, Bologna, 1997.
  • Museo Ken Damy, "La Cultura Diversita", with Jan Saudek, Drescia, 1997.
  • South African Architecture and Structures, portraits of survivors from District Six, The Netherlands, 1998.
  • South African Museum, SANLAM Gallery, Civic Centre, Blue Route Shopping Centre, "Cape
  • Times One City Many Cultures", Cape Town, 1999.
  • The Castle,"Eye Africa Expo" Cape Town, 1999
  • The National Gallery, "Lines of Sight: Perspectives on South African Photography", Cape Town, 1999.
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