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Politcal prisoner and IDAF member of staff

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Cape Town, South Africa

Timothy Peter Jenkin was born in 1948 in Cape Town, where he lived until his arrest in 1978. He is a University of Cape Town graduate and involved in a project on housing at the University of the Western Cape’s Institute for Social Development at the time of his arrest.

He was tried in the Cape Town Supreme Court from 7-15 June, 1978, and charged with producing and distributing pamphlets for the ANC and SACP and participating in ANC, SACP and MK activities. Jenkin was accused of producing and distributing 18 different pamphlets on behalf of banned organisations from 1 August 1975 to 2 March 1978. He pleaded guilty to all charges and also admitted to displaying a banner with the words “ The ANC lives’ from the seventh floor of a Cape Town building.

Tim Jenkin was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment to be served in Pretoria Local Prison. He was due for release in 1990, but in 1979 he, Alex Moumbaris and Stephen Lee escaped from detention.

Jenkin moved to London where he worked as a Research Officer for the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa.

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