District in the Lfred Nzo Municipality, of which Harding is the principal Town. Encircled by Mount Currie, Umzimkulu, Ixopo, Port Shepstone and Bizane.

It was named after Prince Alfred, son of Queen Victoria of England.  He was born and christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Howley, at the Private Chapel in Windsor Castle on 6 September 1844. He was given the names Alfred Ernest Albert, although was always known to the family as "Affie"!

Alfred expressed a wish to join the Navy and in accordance with this he passed the entrance examination in August 1858, and was appointed as midshipman in; 'HMS Euryalus" at the age of fourteen. On the abdication of King Otto of Greece, in 1862, Prince Alfred was selected to succeed him, but the British Government blocked plans for him to ascend the Greek throne, largely due to the fact that the Queen strongly opposed the idea. He therefore remained in the Navy, and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 24 February 1863, serving under Count Gleichen on HMS Racoon, and Captain on 23 February 1866, being then appointed to the Command of the frigate 'HMS Galatea'. On 24 
While in command of the 'Galatea', Alfred engaged on a voyage around the world. On 7 June 1867, he left Gibraltar, arriving at the Cape of Good Hope on 24 July and paid a royal visit to Cape Town on 24 August 1867, being the first member of the British royal family to visit the Country, he was received with much enthusiasm. Prince Alfred passed away on the 30 July 1900.
29° 8' 52.8", -30° 32' 49.2"

New Dictionary of South African Place Names by Peter E. Raper