The Valley gets its name rather obviously from the Breede River, which courses through it, running in a West to East direction. In the Valley are the Towns of Tulbagh, Wolseley, Worcester, Rawsonville, Robertson, and Swellendam. It is also the largest fruit and wine producing Valley in the Western Cape, which means the communities here are mainly farmers. Most of the accommodation of the Region is farm stays, and the outdoors activities available are many and variable.
The breathtaking views of the Valley alone are worth a stay in a little place like Breerivier. Mountains are interwoven with grapevines, fruit orchards and indigenous fynbos make this a Valley unique! Fifty or so Wine Estates make the Valley their home, and the Town lies close enough to the famous Route 62, the longest Wine Route in the World, to make driving portions of this as a day trip entirely possible! But you might find that you are spoilt for choice when staying in Breerivier, and visits to the Towns of Tulbagh, Ceres, Worcester and a drive along the Historic Bains Kloof Pass will be enough to keep you more than entertained. The Bain's Kloof Pass (R301) provided a more direct Route from the Town of Wellington to the more Northern Towns of Ceres and Worcester, in the Western Cape. It is 26,8 km in length from the Bridge over the Breede River to the outskirts of Wellington. Built circa 1849 by Andrew Geddes Bain, this Pass was a tough nut to crack, working with convicts and raw, rough materials and methods. As always seemed to be the case with Bain, he oversaw a marvellous job of the Pass which, having stood the test of time, is now a National Monument.
The Northern section of the pass roughly follows the course of the Witte River, a raging torrent during the wet Winter season.

18° 52' 33.6", -33° 55' 26.4"