This Area, lies within the South African mist-belt. On average it receives more than 1 000 mm of rain per Year. The vegetation is mainly grassland, with scrubby, forest-edge species in thickets along the Rivers and in the Valleys. Forests are restricted to these mesic, Valleys. Other habitat types include: rocky outcrops and open rock cliffs, which form part of the Mpumalanga escarpment. Exotic trees, primarily have invaded much of the remaining grassland! Kaapsche Hoop, well known for its Wild Horses roaming freely, is a charming Village situated in Mpumalanga , 25 km from Nelspruit.

This popular tourist Village is a haven of beauty, peace and tranquility. With it's misty Mountains and high rainfall, Kaapsche Hoop has a cozy ambience and is the Nature-lover's, dream destination! Kaapsche Hoop is rich in History and local art, and offers various leisure activities, such as Horse Riding, Hiking trails, etc. With the local Restaurants, quaint shops and loads of accommodation, it makes for the perfect holiday! Kaapsche Hoop is approx. 290km from Johannesburg, and only 28km from Nelspruit. On the plateau just above the Town of Kaapsche Hoop, overlooking the Barberton Valley, is a peaceful space filled with open sky, incredible views, and a series of standing stones that closely resemble Stonehenge (give or take a few stones). In this Valley, the Adam's Calendar was discovered. This is a series of stones believed to be the oldest man-made structure on Earth. The ancient circular monolithic stones predate any other structure found to date, at 75 000 years old. They believe that Adam's Calendar is the flagship of the ruins and that it remains accurate as a calendar following the shadow of the setting sun cast by the central monolith onto a flat calendar stone next to it. Johan Heine, who discovered the stones in 2003, and Michael Tellinger have co-authored a couple of books on the subject. Adam's Calendar is protected as part of the Blue Swallow National Heritage Site, and you will need a guide in order to explore the stones!

-25° 35' 27.6", 30° 45' 43.2"