Maiden's Cove is a beautiful scenic lookout point nestled between Clifton’s Beaches and Glen Beach in the Suburb of Camps Bay in the City of Cape Town. It is well known for; its exquisite views of Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles, as well as its view of the Atlantic Ocean. The parking and grassy Area at Maiden’s Cove is a popular spot to watch the sunset, and there are braai areas for those who wish to make an evening or day of it. Dolphins can often be spotted frolicking in the water and during the months of June to November, it’s fantastic for whale watching. It is not very protected- so is best not visited on a windy day. Public ablutions are available. Maidens Cove has two tidal pools hidden between enormous granite boulders overlooked by a Picnic Site and Lions Head. This recreational space has a special History as it was one the few beaches where non-white residents of Cape Town could come and enjoy a day at the sea, in a whites-only Area. (This was because of Apartheid, and they were forbidden to use the other beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay.) Maiden's Cove still remains a special place for many people from the Bo-Kaap and Cape Flats, though. If you venture down towards the sea, you will find a tidal pool which is superb for exploring at low tide. This Cove is also one of the best free diving spots in the Cape Peninsula. The water from the Atlantic Ocean is chilly but irresistible for the sweltering summer months and tough little ones that don’t seem to feel the cold. Between June and November, Southern Right and Humpback Whales pass the shores and entertain their spectators as they blow fountains, leap out of the water, or splash its surface with their powerful flukes. Dolphins can be seen in the waves all year round. Thanks to the abundance of marine life, this is one of the best spots in the Area for free-diving. Maidens Cove is a beloved Area close to the hearts of the community with both emotional and Historical value. The City is obligated to handle it as a Public Trust for present and future generations.
-33° 55' 4.8", 18° 22' 30"