The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve is a wonderfully scenic area offering excellent hiking opportunities. Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve lies 21 kilometres inland of Port Shepstone and only two hours drive from Durban.
Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve lies 21 kilometres inland of Port Shepstone. There are numerous picnic spots on the banks of the river.
The Oribi Gorge area boasts cliffs and forests and spectacular hiking trails and idyllic picnic sites. It is dramatic in its scale and spectacularly beautiful in its variety. Wildlife in the Oribi Gorge consists of many Antelope, although the graceful Oribi (after which the gorge is named) is rarely seen.
A photographer's paradise, Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve encompasses Forests, Rivers, Rapids and Ravines. What’s more, it’s only 25 kilometres inland from the coastal holiday hotspot of Port Shepstone, which is home to awesome surfing and swimming Beaches and is known for its consistent sunshine.
High sandstone cliffs dominate this 24 kilometre-long gorge, which has been meticulously carved out by the Umzimkulu River. Leopards, troops of Baboons, various small Antelope and a prolific Birdlife inhabit the Reserve. In fact, more than 250 different Bird Species have been identified here, including five species of Kingfisher and seven species of Eagle.
There are several nature Trails for the adventurous and a host of other exciting things to do. These trails are the Hoopoe Falls hike (four hours, seven kilometres), Nkonka hike (two hours, five kilometres), and Mziki hike (five hours, nine kilometres).
The activities of the Area include paintball wars, birding, hiking, ziplining, abseiling, white water rafting, and testing your adrenalin limits on the Wild Swing
Although you can visit the reserve as a day visitor, we recommend an overnight stay to get the most out of your Oribi Gorge experience.

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