Ugie is a Town in the Joe Gqabi District Municipality, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Ugie is situated at the Southern foot of the Drakensberg, 21km South-West of Maclear. It developed from a Mission Station at Gatberg, established in 1863 by William Murray. He was the first white man to settle in the present day, Maclear District. He was their Medical Doctor and Missionary Reverend. William Murray was born on 15 July 1837 in the County Aberdeenshire, in Scotland. He was the son of John and Isabella Murray., John was a shoemaker and farmer who rented a small plot on the banks of the Ugie River, in Scotland. On 27 July 1862 Dr. Murray, his wife and child left by steamer of the Union Line from Southhampton for the Cape.

On 24 August they arrived at Port Elizabeth. Via Grahamstown and Fort Beaufort, they traveled by ox wagon to Hankey in the Queenstown District. In the Katberg Mountains whilst on their way, they were caught in a snowstorm. Due to all the hardship, they went through the Murray's' daughter Ann died, the same night of their arrival at Hackney on 9 September and Mrs. Murray the following day.

The death of his family was a heavy blow to this young man. Griquas from Inxu Drift came by ox wagon to fetch Rev. Murray at Hankey. They arrived back at Inxu Drift on 8 March 1863. While standing on the banks of the Inxu River Murray becoming homesick. As the River, Mountains and Vegetation reminded him of his birthplace. He then decided to name his Missionary Station, 'Ugie'. (This was after the Ugie River in Scotland, where he was born.) The Town was founded in 1885, and in 1916 a Village Management Board was instituted. But it is not the History that draws people to the Villages of Ugie and Maclear, only 21 kilometers apart. Rather it is the incredible natural scenery - the towering Mountains that form a backdrop to the Towns, winding Rivers and huge Dams that lure fishermen of every description, and the Hills and Valleys that provide hours of hiking opportunities.

This area comes under the Eastern Cape Provincial Heritage Resources Authority (ECPHRA) this an entity that was established by former MEC for Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, Nosimo Balindlela in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act (NHRA) Act No. 25 of 1999. ECPHRA is responsible for the management of various types of Heritage Resources that abound in the Province. As a responsible Heritage Authority, it's mandate includes but not limited to: identification of documentation and assessment of Heritage Resources; developing policies and conservation plans and maintaining essential National standards for the management of Heritage Resources. Cave trails in the Prentjiesberg (the Prentjiesberg Dam lies just outside of Ugie) and Woodcliff. There is also skiing at nearby Tiffendell Ski resort. The Gary Kashula Tractor Museum is an interesting stop for visitors, this is a collection of old, Farming Implements.

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