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In 1961 Weijdema, together with Sietse Bosgra and others, formed the Angola Comite (AC) in the Netherlands to support the freedom struggle in Angola. The whole of southern Africa became a zone of concern, and with the AC’s aim being reached in Angola in 1975, the committee decided to change its name and focus. The Komitee Zuidelijk Afrika (KZA) was established in 1976, and decided to focus on the South African, Zimbabwean and Namibian freedom movements. The KZA provided the AN C with quite a large amount of money during its years in exile, and also tried to stop trade between the Netherlands and South Africa from taking place.

• G.L. Klein, ‘De strijd tegen apartheid. The role of the anti-apartheid organisations in the Netherlands, 1960-1995.’ MA- dissertation, University of Pretoria (UP), 2000

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