Located in the Limpopo Province outside of Phalaborwa. This Area of Mbaula stretches over an area of 3.032 squared kilometers. There is a Population of 2 700 of which 42.8% are male and 57.2% are female. The Median age is- 19 (which is the age that divides the population in two parts of equal size, that is, there are as many persons with ages above the median as there are with ages below the median.)

The name is derived from the Nyanja language and means: 'the heater'. In the Village this device is used for heating and cooking. ("This often results in inhalation of smoke and shack fires!"). This is a Niger/Congo language and a Bantu member of the Benue-Congo family of languages, spoken by c. 5 million people, mainly in Malawi, where it is an official language (together with English), as well as in parts of neighbouring countries (Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe); also called: Chinyanja; Chewa or Chichewa. The language is spelt in the Roman Alphabet. There is a variety of dialects spread over: Chewa, Ngoni and Mang'anja being one of them. Like most of the Bantu languages, Nyanja is also a tonal language.

-23° 36' 36", 31° 1' 12"