Railway station just south of Karibib, on the route to Swapkopmund. 
The name in Khoi means 'red hill tree'. This refers to the Pepper Trees, the berries of which give a reddish... read more
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Mountian in the Richtersveld, at the confluence of the Fish River with the Orange River. This a Khoikhoi name for '... read more
a range 150km from Springbok. The name of Khoikhoi origin and means 'to carry on ones back'; the mountain looks... read more
Sage-wood trees
Railway station some 34km from Port Nolloth. It takes its name from the sorrounding plain, known as Abbevlak. The name... read more
border post!
Mountain on the Lesotho border, 40km south-west of Bergville. The name is in keeping with those of other mountains in... read more
j Abbott and other, gold prospectors!
Hill situated, south of Barbeton.  Named after J Abott, a prospector who looked for gold in the Barbeton district... read more
 A small town and border post between Namibiaand South Africa which is located, north-east of Nakop, on the road... read more
Old Khoikhoi name for Warmbad. It means 'place of cleansing' or washing. A town 100km away from Pretoria North... read more