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Cachalia Yusaf 1915
Cachalia Firoz


Author, political activist, political detainee, banned person, secretary of the Benoni Student Movement, President of the Black Students’ Society at Witwatersrand University, secretary of the Actonville Rents Action Committee, Vice

22 July 1958
Cachalia Amina

Political activist, member of the TIYC and TIC, treasurer of FEDSAW, patron of the Federation of Transvaal Women, arrested during the 1952 Defiance Campaign, participated in the 1956 Women’s March against pass laws, banned person, Trustee of the

28-June-1930 31-January-2013
Cachalia Ahmed

Political Activist and political prisoner.

Cachalia Azhar

Political activist, former treasurer of the United Democratic Front, Judge and Law Expert.

Cachalia Ismail

Political activist and exile. A leading member of the Transvaal Indian Congress and the African National Congress. Prominent in 1946 Indian Passive Resistance Campaign and the 1952 Defiance Campaign.

05-December-1908 08-August-2003
Cachalia Yusuf

Political Activist.

15-January-1915 10-April-1995
Caiphus Mashilo
Cajee Mohamed 1937
Cajee Dawood 1899
Cajee Mohamed
Calata Fort

Teacher, community leader, political activist and member of the UDF. One of the ‘Cradock Four’ murdered by the South African security forces in the Eastern Cape.

05-November-1956 27-June-1985
Calata James

Former Secretary-General of the ANC (1936-1949), political activist and Anglican clergyman

22-July-1895 16-June-1983
Caleb Mayekiso

DCaleb Mayekiso was memebr of the African National Congress (ANC), he was a leading figure in the ANC military wing called uMkhonto Wesizwe (MK), and he was a unionists/political activist. 

Caleni Charles
Caleni Charles
Callinicos Luli

Social historian, lecturer, researcher and writer

Cama Nadirshah

Member of the Transvaal British India Association, Vice-President of the Transvaal Indian Congress, passive resister, political prisoner

1870 September 1945
Camagu Zuko
Camay N.
Cambell Floyd 11-November-1987
Cameron Madikizela
Cameron Edwin

Activist and advocator of equality, human rights, gay rights and health and HIV/aids rights. Cameron is a practicing lawyer and former Acting Justice of the South African Constitutional Court 1999-2000.

Campbell John
Campbell Ngalo
Campbell Margaret Roach

Book collector, historian, writer and antiquarian

09-September-1881 28-September-1965
Campoi Siabilelo
Camroodeen H.
Canca Richard S.

Educator, attorney and political activist

Canca Richard 1924
Canitz George Paul 1874 1959
Canzi Lisa
Carlson Jeanette

preschool teacher, anti-apartheid activist, leader of the Black Sash, active member of Mothers (and Others) Against the Vietnam Draft and other non-violent resistance groups

21 June 1929 18 August 2020
Carlson Shirindza
Carmichael Libazi
Carneson John
Carneson Lynn

Member of the Anti-Apartheid Movement.
Member of the African National Congress.

Carneson Ruth

Member of the Anti-Apartheid Movement.
Member of the African National Congress

Carneson Sarah

Trade unionist, member of the SACP, political activist, political prisoner, banned person and exile.

17-June-1916 30-October-2015
Carneson Fred

Journalist and business manager of the New Age, member of the CPSA Central Committee, political prisoner and defendant in the 1956 Treason Trial. 

13-January-1920 08-September-2000
Carolissen Gasant 02-September-1976
Carolissen Ronald 09-September-1976
Carolus Cheryl

Student leader, teacher, General Secretary of the UDF, member of UWO and General Secretary of FEDSAW, Member of the SACP, ANC and  business person.

Carstens Nicolaas “Nico”

Legendary accordion player and composer of boeremusiek.

10-February-1926 01-November-2016
Carter Sydney 1874 1945
Casalis Mokitlane

Mokitlae Casalis joined the South African Student Movement during the 1970s whilst at school. From then he became a political activist. This led him to become part of the democratic government of South Africa after 1994, serving in many of the governme

Case Diane

Author, community worker and mother.

Cassidy Michael 1936
Cassiem Achmad

Founder member of Qibla, member of the PAC, Robben Island political prisoner and advisor to the Islamic Human Rights Commission

Cassoojee S.
Castens Herbert

Rugby And cricket player, captain of SA's first rugby team and of SA's first touring cricket team

23 November 1864 18 October 1929
Caswell Mbelebele
Cathcart George 12 May 1794 5 November 1854
Catherine Norman

South African artist, critic of the apartheid regime, educator and promoter of Black artists

September 1949
Cato George

Natal pioneer and first mayor of Durban.

25 February 1814 9 July 1893
Cawthra Gavin

Member of COSAWR.

Ceba Hoseman
Cebisi Edward
Cecil Mgogi
Cedric Wilcox
Cekisani Bonisile
Cekiso Jackson
Cekiso Jackson 1959
Ceku Mvula (approx 1988)
Cela Johannes 04-November-1984
Cele Bhekokwakhe (Bheki)

Teacher, Minister of Police (2018 - present), MEC for Transport, Safety and Security for Kwa-Zulu-Natal from 2004 to 2009, National Commissioner of the South African Police Service from 2009 to 2011, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries from 2014 to 2018, Founding Member of the National Education Union of South Africa, Member of the African National Congress Executive Committee, member of the African National Congress and uMkhonto weSizwe, political prisoner on Robben Island 

22 April 1952
Cele Edwin 09-July-1987
Cele Wanda
Cele Njabala
Cele Bhekokwakhe
Cele Bungo
Cele Ndose
Cele Bungo
Cele Henry

Footballer and actor

30-January-1949 02-November-2007
Celliers Jan

Afrikaans poet and author

12-January-1865 01-June-1940
Cere Hoseham
Cetshwayo Cetshwayo

The last king of the independent Zulu nation from 1872-1879

1826 1884
Cetu Churchill
Cetu Churchill
Cetyiwe Obodiah
Cetyiwe Obadiah
Cetyiwe Xhamela
Cezala Bonekeli 31-December-1976
Chabane Ohm Collins

Member of the African National Congress (ANC) underground, prisoner on Robben Island, previous MEC for Limpopo’s Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, current Minister in the Presidency and musician.

15-April-1960 15-March-2015
Chabod Mpilo
Chabod Mpilo
Chachalia Amina 1930 2013
chair NUMSA 8 August 1992
Chaka Andries
Chaka Andries
Chaka Ephraim

Victim of the Sharpeville Massacre, 21 March 1960

1924 21 March 1960, Sharpeville, Transvaal (now Gauteng)
Chakela Walter Playwright, poet, theatre director, broadcaster, arts administrator, Pan-African activist, founding member of AWA, MAWAFO, Soyikwa Institute of African Theatre, METGRO, member of COSAW, Artistic Director at Windybrow Centre for the Arts, Mmabane Cultural Centre, involved in BCM, honoured by Pan African Writers’ Association, founding president of NWASA 13 April 1953 15 May 2020
Chamber Ncebtsha
Chamberlain Joseph 8 July 1836 2 July 1914
Chames Mike

A Businessman

Chamile Andries (General China)

ANC member and 1956 Treason trialist

Chamile Mokone
Chamile Andrew
Champion Allison

Trade unionist, political activist and civic leader.

4 December 1893 29 September 1975
Champion George


1810 1841
Chamusso Roggerio
Chanco Boy 4 August 1991
Channon Charles
Channon Charles
Chapman T.
Charles Gans
Charles Bam

He was judge-president of the Lands Claim Co

Charles Ramokate
Charles Ngqibisa
Charley Januarie
Charlie Eric
Charlie Krisjan
Charlie Ndibi
Charlie Mkele
Charlimagne Tommy
Charlimagne Tommy
Charliman Tommy
Chaskalson Arthur

Chief Justice of democratic South Africa, first President of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, President of the International Commission of Jurists, Chairperson of a committee of senior judges appointed by the United Nations Environmental Progr

24 November 1931 1 December 2012
Chauke Sipho
Chauke Sipho
Chauke Ditshabako
Chauke Elijah
Chawe Gijimani
Cheadle Halton

Lawyer and labour activist

30 July 1949
Chechanovsky Israel

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa

Cherry Janet

General Secretary of the National Union of South African Students, Member of the United Democrat

Chetty Appiah

Trade unionist, social worker, political prisoner, banned person, member of the Natal Indian Congress, United Democratic Front and the African National Congress, Deputy Mayor of Msundusi Municipality

3 April 1929 2 September 2000
Chetty Iyavar
Chetty Saravanan 1929 2000
Chiba Ishwarlal

Member of the TIC, SACP, MK and ANC, Member of Parliament, recipient of The National Order of Luthuli in Silver

05-November-1930 08-December-2017
Chibane Samuel

Political activist and PAC member

Unknown Unknown
Chicken Magola
Chief of the Bamokoteli Moshoeshoe I

Chief of the Bamokoteli

c.1786 11 March 1870
Chifunyise Stephen

playwright, artist, cultural activist, lobbyist for safeguarding cultural heritage and cultural development, life member of the board of trustees of Harare International Festival of the Arts and Zimbabwean Minister of Education and Culture.

21 September 1948 5 August, 2019
Chikane Frank

Pastor, member of the UDF and the ANC, Director-General in the Office of the President; Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town; Honorary President of the  Nebo Youth Congress and Co-ordinator of the

3 January 1951
Chikane Mabokela 1948 August 14
Chikerema James Robert Dambaza

fe played an important role in Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence from the 1950s-1970s, but became critical of the government of President Robert Mugabe. Served as the President of the Front for the Liberation of Zimbabwe and launched the Zimb

2 April 1925 22 March 2006
Chiliza Tsitsi 14 May 1987
Chiliza Tsitze
Chiliza Tsitze
Chiloane Ananias
Chiloane Abel
Chiloane Abel
Chiloane Ananias
Chilwane Jama (approx 1991)
Chimane Loate
China Lwana
Chirwa James
Chirwa Alec
Chiwayo Lazarus
Chiyi Sigubudu
Choabi Seretse
Choba Jan 29 May 1992
Choene Mamokgalake
Choene Mamokgalake
Choene Mamokgalake

Banned person.

Cholo Tlou
Cholo Tlou

Trade unionist,  African National Congress member, uMkhonto weSizwe cadre and the Order of Luthuli award winner

Choma Sydney

ANC and PAC Member, Robben Island prisoner

06 June 1956
Choncho Sibusiso
Christie Renfrew

Deputy President of NUSAS, political prisoner, Member of the ANC and the UCM, Scholar and Academic, member of the South African NationalDefenceForce Commission, Dean of Research at UWC.

Christopher Webster
Christopher Hadebe
Christopher Piet 03/03/86
Christopher Hlongwa
Christopher Ketani
Christopher Khumalo
Christopher Zuleika Medical doctor, member of the NEUM, Chairperson of the Durban APDUSA branch, banned person, political prisoner and exiled person. 1924 March 1992
Christopher Sakutu
Christopher Dr.
Christopher Sidlayiwa
Church Freda 1901 1970
Churchill Winston

Journalist, British Prime Minister

1874 1965
Churchill James
Cikozani Mzwakhe
Ciliza Delase
Cillie Martha

Teacher and headmistress

22-April-1866 16-March-1966
Cindi Nyangana

An activist and trade unionist. Secretary General of Black People’s Convention (BPC)s and National Chairperson of Azanian People's Organization (AZAPO).

Cindi Edmund
Cirja Singh
Ckisani Bonisile
Clarisson Mtwasa
Clarke Peter

Poet, book illustrator, artist, recipient of The National Order of Ikhamanga for excellence in the fields of arts and literature

02-June-1929 13-April-2014
Claude Matsha
Clegg Jonathan

South African musician, anthropologist, recipient of the South African Presidential Award, The Order of Ikhamanga in Silver, for 'bridging African traditional music with other music forms, promoting racial understanding among racially divided groups in South Africa under difficult apartheid conditions, working for a non-racial society and being an outstanding spokesperson for the release of political prisoners.'.

07 June 1953 16 July 2019
Clement Baadjies
Cleminshaw Dorothy

Member of the Black Sash, member of the

15 September 1922 18 December 2011
Clifford Maziya
Clipperd Komana
Cloete Hestrie

Commonwealth and African High Jump Record Holder, recipient of the National order for excellence in sports

Cloete Joseph 09-September-1976
Close Rex

A trade unionist and member of the Communist Party of South Africa

Close Sylvia

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa

Coangae John
Coangae John
Coaster Budaza
Cobbing Julian

Documentary photographer, English historian and professor of history

Cobden Audrey Anti-apartheid activist, worked for LPSA and Treason Trials Defence Fund, played essential role in 1957 bus boycott, founded DWEP 15 April 1923 29 March 2016
Cock William

Entrepreneur, member of the Cape Legislative Council, established the Kowie Navigation Company, he was the first person to directly export goods from the Eastern Cape to Britain and Mauritius and founder of the harbour at Port Alfred.

circa 1793 1876
Cock Jacklyn

She was an Academic Sociologist

Coertse Mimi

Vocalist and South Africa's First Operatic prima donna

Coetsee Hendrik

Lawyer, politician, administrator and negotiator during the transition to democracy in SA

19-April-1931 29-July-2000
Coetzee John

"I am not a herald of community or anything else. I am someone who has intimations of freedom (as every chained prisoner has) and constructs representations of people slipping their chains and turning their faces to the light."

9 February 1940
Coetzee Dirk

Commander of the covert SA Police unit based at Vlakplaas

15-April-1945 07- March-2013
Coetzee Michael

Helped build student, trade union and political formations, trade unionist, member of the UDF, ANC and MK, political prisoner and Secretary of South Africa’s Parliament

25 August 1959 13 June 2014
Coetzee Basil

Musician, liberation struggle activist and volunteer.

02-February-1944 12-March-1998
Coetzee Johan

Police security officer, Liliesleaf Raid

Cohen Aspasia

A member of the Communist Part of South Africa and the Anti-Apartheid Movement

Cohen Leslie

A memeber of the Communist Party of South Africa

Cohen Neville
Cohen Gideon
Cohen Derek

A member of the African Resistance Movement (ARM)

Cohen Harry

A member of the African Resistance Movement (ARM)

Cohn Gertrude

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA)

Coka Jameson

Journalist, trade unionist and member of the SACP and the ANC

1910 1960s
Cole Philip Tennyson


1862 1939
Cole Ernest

The first photojournalist to expose to the world the stark realities of life under the Apartheid regime

21 March 1940 19 February 1990
Coleman Audrey

Anti Apartheid activist, member of Black Sash and the Detainees Parents Support Committee (DPSC).

Coleman Colin

A member of SASPU

Coleman Keith
Coleman Max
Colenso Harriette Emily

Anglican Missionary and Pamphleteer

1847 1932
Colin Mkumqwana
Colin Ndern
Coliyati Hloyi
Collin Sehlapelo
Collins John

Anglican Priest, Anti Apartheid Activist, Founder of the International Defence and Aid Fund, (IDAF). 

23-March-1905 31-December-1982
Columbus Mazibuko
Conco Wilson

Medical doctor, national treasurer of the ANC Youth League in 1950s, member of the ANC, 1956 Treason trialist.

Congress Xakana
Coni Mlyase
Conjwa Henry
Conrad Lekhumbi
Consalves Bertram
Contriens Frank
Cook Alan

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA).

Cooke Rodney 25-September-1976
Cooper Sathasivan "Saths"

Vice President of the NIC,Member of the BC movement, Secretary of the BPC, Vice President of AZAPO, Vice Principal of UDW, political activist and Psychologist.

Cooper Revabalan
Cooper Wilfrid

athlete, cricketer, established a branch of NUSAS at Stellenbosch University, Vice-President, National Secretary for Economics and Politics and National Director of Research and Studies of NUSAS, advocate and Senior Counsel at the Cape Bar, University law lecturer, author, authority on South African road traffic legislation and Judge.

22 May 1926 4 March 2004
Cooper Gertrude

editor of the Women’s section of the Cape Times

24-November-1924 14-April-2002
Cooper Revabalan
Cooper Sathasivan 1950
Cooper David

A medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, and member of MYS

Coovadia Hoosen Natal Indian Congress, United Democratic Front and African National Congress activist, medical doctor, academic, researcher, scientist, and author. 02-August-1940 4 October 2023
Coovadia Jerry
Cope Jack
Cope Lesley
Copelyn John

A member of the Institute for Industrial Education (IIE).

Cormack Alan

Scientist, invovled in desiging first CAT-Scan machine and recipient of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Pysiology or Medicine

February 1924 7 May 1998
Cornelius Hester

Trade Unionist, Garment Worker’s Union, Playright

05-April-1907 15-August-1978
Cornelius Johanna Catharina Jacoba
Cornelius Johanna

Trade Unionist, General Secretary of the Garment Worker’s Union 

27-February-1912 21-June-1974
Cornelius Johanna Catharina Jacoba and Hester Elizabeth (Sis

sisters, trade unionists

Cornelius Maakane
Cothoza Ntsikelelo 06/08/88
Cothoza Nontsikelelo Nontsikelelo June-Rose Cothoza was a member of uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) and died in an ambush undertaken by Eugene De Kock’s death squad while attempting to return to South Africa from exile in Swaziland.  June 1967 8 June 1988
Coto Balfour
Coventry Roy

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA). Banned by the apartheid government.

Cox Alex

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA) and the African Resistance Movement (ARM)

Craighead David

An anti-apartheid activist, member and National Vice Chairman of the Liberal Party and Chairman of the South African Defence and Aid

28 December 1918 2 August 2008
Cranko Robin
Cranko Robin
Cressy Harold

Educationist, teacher, and civil rights activist

1 February 1889 23 August 1916
Cronin Jeremy Deputy General Secretary of SACP, Deputy Minister of Transport, theorist, poet and skilful writer. University Lecturer 12-September-1949
Cronje Andries Petrus 1833 1916
Cronje Wessel

South African national cricket team captain 

25 September 1969 1 June 2002
Crosby Busakuwe
Cross Sholto

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa

Crowther Samuel Adjai 1800
Cruse Nic 2 October 1990
Cuairan Florencio


Cuba Maboyisana
Cugani Standard
Cunda Simanganga
Cunningham-brown Jeanette
Curnick Ndlovu
Curson Herbert

Veterinary Surgeon and historian

22 September 1892
Curtis Neville

President of NUSAS, political activist, political detainee, banned person and exiled person.  

16-October-1947 15-February-2007
Curtis John

Lay preacher, miner, night bomber pilot, World War II veteran, lecturer, member of the Progressive Party and the Christian Institute. 

31 August 1912 24 February 2002
Curtis Kevin
Curtis Jeanette

Vice-President of NUSAS, President of NUSWEL, member of the executive committee of the Industrial Aid Society and a member of SACTU, politica

05-May-1949 28-June-1984
Cussons Sheila

Fine Artist and Poet

9 August 1922 25 November 2004
Cutshela Mthayeni 21-January-1971
Cymphry Mngomezulu
Cyprian Naki
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