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da Silva Luis Inácio Lula

Trade unionist, President of Brazil, for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of the agenda of the South and for the creation of a just and equitable system of global governance, awarded The Companions of OR Tambo in Gold. 

27 October 1945
Daane-van Rensburg Jacqueline

anti-Apartheid activist.

17-December-1937 Cape Town,South Africa
Dada Ndebele
Dadoo Yusuf

Medical doctor, banned person, political prisoner, exile,President of the Indian Social Reform Society, Chair of the Madressa Anjuman Islamia of the Kholvad Mosque, Vice-chair of the National Anti-Pass Council, President of the TIC, Chair of the TIC

05-September-1909 19-September-1983
Dadoo Winnie
Dajee Bhanudey 08-September-1976
Daka Mandla
Dakuse Patrick 23-January-1989
Dala Zolani May 1989
Dala Sigodongo
Dalamba Siseko
Dalasile Douglas
Dali Sureboy 13-August-1981
Dalindyebo Dalindyebo 1865 1923
Dalindyebo Sabata

Paramount Chief of the Thembu people

25-November-1928 07-April-1986
Dalinyebo Sabato
Dalisan Ntulo
Daliwonga Samora 11-November-1988
Daliwonga Phineas 11-November-1985
Daman Ceaser
Damane Bimmy
Damane Mxolisi 1937 02-November-1963
Dambalaza Dumisa 1934 22 May 1964
Dambuza Matthew
Damos Stella Madge

Trade unionist, member of SACTU

Danabathy Naidoo
Dandile Goliat
Dangala Johannes
Dangala Fizile
Dangala Ebenezel
Dangala Ebenezer
Dangor Achmat Poet, novelist, political and cultural activist, banned person, co-founder of Congress of South African Writers, worked at the Ford Foundation, director of advocacy, communications and leadership at United Nations Aids and CEO of Nelson Mandela Foundation. 1948 6 September 2020
Dangor Ahmed
Daniel Mkhwamubi
Daniel Mange
Daniel Ntsoseng
Daniel Mongena
Daniel R.

Trade Unionist

Daniel Masinga
Daniel Landu
Daniel Dicha
Daniel Molokisi
Daniel Mafenuka
Daniels Edward 'Eddie'

Member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LP), the African Resistance Movement (ARM) and Robben Island political prisoner.   

25/10/1928 30 November 2017
Daniels Patrick 09-September-1976
Daniels John

A victim of June 16th. 

Daniels Kammips 07-September-1976
Daniels Edward
Daniels Edward
Daniels Deon

DJ; music producer; TV and radio presenter; Director of Community and Youth Development for NPC, GCAP/SR4A; precision drifting and stunt car driver

11 December 1968
Danisile Nokatywa
Dano Hymie
Dantile Lulamile
Dapula Mzwabantu
Daries Glen
Dart Raymond

Discovered the Taung child skull fossil, the first early hominid fossil.

4 February 1893 22 November 1988
Darvall Denise

World's first successful human heart-transplant donor

1943 1967
Dasheka David
Dasheka David
Dastile Nosipho

Community activist, anti-apartheid activist, founding member of the UDF, first president of the Uitenhage Women’s Organisation, chairperson of the ANCWL

1938 May 2009
David Nhlapo
David Mmutle
David Mokgosi
David Maloma
David Morake
David Hlongwane
David Jale
David Johannes
David Pitze
David Devadas Anti-Apartheid activist, liberation struggle hero, Secretary of the Natal Indian Congress Youth Congress, involved in the revival of the Natal Indian Congress in the early 1970s, Secretary of the Natal Indian Congress and the Release Mandela Committee, active in the United Democratic Front, sought refuge with five others in the British Consulate in the 1980s 26 August 1940 13 August 2020
David Matshoba
David Mzimkulu
David Ndawonde
David Magagula
David Feni
Davide Motlhabedi
Davids Leigh 25 March 1979 27 February 2019
Davids Ephraim
Davies Joan 02-December-1909 06-January-1984
Davis Robert
Davis Rev Don
Davis Lionel

Artist and ex Robben Island political prisoner

Davis Michael

South African photographer and photojournalist

Davis David
Davis Thomas

business person and philanthropist, assisted in establishing Howard College, responsible for starting the South African Navy, established the Howard Davis War Fund to assist soldiers who had served outside South Africa during the Second World War

25 April 1867 27 September 1942
Davis David
Davis Jennifer 1933 15-October-2019
Davis Mary

teacher, business person, supporter of women’s causes, established the Peter Davis Infants’ Home, President of the Pietermaritzburg Benevolent Society, President of the South African War Graves Board, founding member of the South African Na

26 December 1858 24 March 1929
Davis Don
Davos Vuyisile 06-November-1984
Daweti Mncedisi
Dawetti Thompson
Dawood Abdul "Apamai"

Vice president of the Transvaal Indian Congress, member of the United Democratic Front (UDF) and ANC, Community activist.

October 1935 02-January-2012
Dawood Ayesha Bibi "Asa"

Political and women's activist and trade unionist

Dawood Mahomed Hajee
Dawood Hadjie
Dawuse Sampuka
Dawuse Sampuka
Dayal Bhawani Sannyassi

Campaigner for Indian rights

1892 1950
Dayeni Mabibi 1936
Dayimani Kenese
Dayimani Nokeke
Dayoni Mabibi
Dazana Walter
De Lange Damian
De Beer Zacharias "Zac"

Medical doctor, politician and leader of the Progressive Federal Party (PFP) and chairman of Anglo-American mining company, ambassador to Netherlands

11-October-1928 27-May-1999
De Beer David
de Bruin Evelina

Member of the ‘Upington 14', political prisoner

25-December-1933 25-March-2012
De Groot Paul

Dutch actor and producer in the Netherlands, Dutch East Indies and South Africa.

11-January-1878 10-May-1942
de Jongh Marthinils (Tinus) Johannes 1885 1942
De Keller David
de Keller Guy

A member of the African Resistance Movement (ARM) and the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA)

de Keyser Ethel

Artist and underground ANC activist

04-November-1926 16-July-2004
de Klerk Frederik State President of South Africa from 1989 to 1994. In 1990 he opened negotiations with previously banned anti-apartheid organizations. De Klerk was appointed the Second Vice President in President Mandela’s cabinet. 18 March 1936 11 November 2021
de Klerk Johannes (Jan)

teacher, member of the National Party and Minister of Education, Art & Science, Senator and Father of former Pres. F.W. de Klerk

22 July 1903 24 January 1979
de Kock Eugene
De Koningh Anna

Freed enslaved woman, wife of Olof Bergh, owner of Groote Constantia.

circa 1656 1734
de la Rey Jacobus Herculaas

Known as Koos de la Rey, a Boer general during the Second Boer War.

22 October 1847 15 September 1914
De Lange Damian
De Lille Patricia

Politician, former member of PAC, trade unionist, founder and a leader of Independent Democrats (ID) and Mayor of Cape Town.

de Mist Jacob

Lawyer, Batavian governor and founder of Uitenhage, Eastern Cape.

20-April-1749 03-August-1823
de Sousa Njinga Ana 1583 17-December-1663
De Villiers Anna

Author, educator and first female principal of Huguenot University College

24-December-1900 01-November-1975
De Villiers Dawid (Dawie)

Member of the National Party, SA rugby captain, lecturer, reverend, ambassador to London and cabinet minister

De Villiers Petrus (Fanie)

Cricket player and commentator

de Villiers Izak

Dominee, poet, author and editor

30-July-1936 27-September- 2009
De Villiers Anna Linguist, writer, and educator 24 December 1900 1 November 1979
De Vlieg Gille

Photographer and activist, member of Afrapix

De Vriendt Franciscus

Flemish pioneer of Afrikaans theatre.

1886**1874 27 July 1946
de Vries Abraham Short Story Writer, Art Editor, Lecturer, Director, Chairperson of the Afrikaans Writers' Guild 9 February 1937
de Waal Nicholaas
De Wet Christiaan

A great Boer general and rebel leader. His name is inextricably woven into the epic struggle of Afrikaners for independence from British rule in South Africa.

07-October-1854 03-February-1922
de Wet Justice

Judge in the 1963-1964 Rivonia Trail

de Wet Barend


4 January 1956 18 March 2017
Deane Edgar Arthur

Trade union activist and politician

Degenaar Johannes Jacobus

Philosopher and Lecturer.

7 March 1926
Deleki Wedweni
Dellums Ronald The radical Congress member who fought against war, Apartheid and  poverty 24 November 1935 30 July 2018
Dellums Ronald The radical Congress member who fought against war, Apartheid and  poverty
24 November 1935 30 July 2018
Demo Gilbert 21-March-1960
Den Bakker J.
Denga Luzuko
Deon Michels
Derek Naidoo
Derrick Muthwa
Desai P.
Desai Amina

South Africa’s longest serving female Indian political prisoner

c.1920 10-June-2009
Desai Rissik

Political activist, Vice President of SACPO, journalist, lawyer and member of the PAC

10-April-1932 30 October 1997
Desai Amina 1920 2009
Desai Ebrahim
Desai Jivan
Desai Jivan
Desai Rissik 10 April 1932 30 October 1997
Deshmukh Ramrao Madhaurao

figh Commissioner 1945 - 1946.

Desmond Fial


1908 1993
Desmond Ncamane
Desmond Father
deVilliers Andre 18 August 1992
Dexter Mkhabile
Deyi Gladman
Dhladhla Johannes 1936 2016
Dhlamini Stephen 1912 1994
Dhlamini Temba 1927 1985
Dhlamini Thompson

Banished person

4 March 1965
Dhlamini Francis
Dhlamini Martha
Dhlamini Chief
Dhlamini Nontombi
Dhlamissi Phillip
Dhlomo Oscar

Member for Umbumbulu, KwaZulu Legislative Assembly, Minister of Education and Culture, KwaZulu, Secretary General, Inkatha yeNkululeko yeSizwe, Executive Chairman, Institute for Multi-Party Democracy.

28-December-1943 29-August-2008
Dhlomo Sicelo 25 January 1988
Dhlomo Herbert

Political activist, academic, journalist, playwright, poet

26 February 1903 23 October 1956
Dhlomo-Mautloa Bongiwe (Bongi)

Artist (printmaker), art administrator and activist 

25 June 1956
Dhlwati Johnson

Political activist and member of the ANC

Diale Letsau

Community activist, MK member, Member of Parliament, for his excellent contribution to the struggle against apartheid and for his selfless sacrifice for the attainment of freedom for all in South Africa was awarded The Order of Luthuli in Silver.

01-January-1936 08-January-2015
Diamond Issy
Dias Bartholomeu

Portuguese navigator discovered the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 and maritime explorer

circa 1450 24 May 1500
Diba Vuyisile
Diba Jacob
Dibate Oben
Dibate Oben
Dibetso Johannes
Dibetso Johannes
Dichaba Gabriel

Member of the ANC

Dichabe Daniël
Dick Nelson
Dick Samuel
Dick Nancy

Member of the Textile Workers Union, member of the Black Sash, and anti-apartheid activist and communist proponent.

Dick Nelson
Dick Samuel
Dickson Yayase
Dickson Fuyani
Didcott Justice

President of NUSAS, founder member of the Liberal Party, Chancellor of UDW, Judge of the Natal Provincial Division, member of the Special Electoral Court,  Judge in the Constitutional Court, visiting scholar at the Law School of Columbia Universit

14-August-1931 20-October-1998
Diedericks Lillian

Women’s rights activist, trade unionist, shop steward, founder member of the Federation of South African Women, member of the South African Communist Party, one of the 1956 women’s march leaders, recipient of the Government’s National Order for advancing democracy in the country

Diedericks Lily
Digabane Sydney
Dikana Mzandile
Dikeledi Paul
Dikeni Sandile Political prisoner, poet, journalist, and editor 1966 9 November 2019
Dikiza Michael
Diko Robert
Diko Robert
Diko Robert
Dikobo Jacob

Youth Director of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (ELCSA), Black Consciousness Movement activist and member of AZANLA, Member of the Central Committee of the NACTU and President of AZAPO

22 February 1962
Dime Kekana
Dimo Gilbert 21-March-1960
Dinat Ramnie

Political activist, political prisoner, member of the Transvaal Indian Youth Congress, exiled person, active in the ANC, Anti-Apartheid Movement and International Defence and Aid Fund.

Dinat Mohamed

Political activist, secretary of the Transvaal Indian Youth Congress, member of the Communist Party of South Africa, active in the Anti-Apartheid Movement, political prisoner, exiled person, active in the ANC, worked for the Anti-Apartheid Movement in the Middle East, Greece and Botswana- while in exile, advocate of solar energy for informal settlements, worked in local governance Post-Apartheid, active in the ANC Kagiso and Azaadville branch, Town Clerk of Krugersdorp municipality, advocate for gender equity through academia. 

14 October 1937 8 December 2015
Dinca Siphiwo
Dindala Velile
Dindikazi Dindi
Dindikazi Mbungwa
Dingake Michael

Member of the ANC, SACP and MK, author and columnist

Dingana Tom
Dingane Tom
Dingane Mdlalose
Dinge Mongameli
Dingiswayo Dingiswayo

Paramount Chief of the Mthethwa

Dinonyane David
Dintoe Paul June 1993
Dintsi Samson
Dintsi Simon
Dinuzulu Dinuzulu

King of the Zulu.

1868 18 October 1913
Dinuzulu Magogo

Zulu Princess, musician and poet who contributed to the development of traditional music in South Africa and was an authority on Zulu traditions, history and folklore. Her son is Inkatha Freedom Party leader, Chief Mangosuthu

1900 1984
Dipale Ernest 08-August-1982
Dipheko Chiloane 1936 2006
Dipheko Dipitse
Diphoko Patrick
Dipico Emsley

First Premier of the Northern Cape Province

Dipitse Hermaans
Direko Abram
Dirk-Uys Pieter 28 September 1945
Discipline Nkonyani
Diseko Mathews
Diseko Mathews
Ditheko Pinkie
Ditsebe Peter
Ditsego Rebecca
Ditshabako Brenda
Dixon Leng


1916 1968
Dlabati Putuhile
Dlabati Phutuhile
Dladla Barney I.
Dladla Payiyana 1932 5 September 1961
Dladla Cedric
Dladla Titus 11-November-1982
Dladla Cedric
Dladla Simon
Dladla Jackson
Dladla Mzala
Dlali David

Member of the ANC and MK, Member of Parliament and Special Adviser to the Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities

23 January 1960 11 June 2012
Dlamini Philip
Dlamini Stephen J. C.

Trade unionist, Chairperson of the African Textile Workers’ Union, 1956 Treason Trialist, President of SACTU, Robben Island prisoner, Member of the ANC’s National Executive Council and its Revolutionary Council and recipient of the Order of

30-November-1913 29-April-1994
Dlamini Christopher

Trade Unionist.

10-October-1944 19-November-2009
Dlamini Bafana

MK struggle veteran, member of the ANC and Brigadier General in the SANDF.

1936 17-September-2011
Dlamini Sidumo

trade unionist and president of COSATU

Dlamini Gilbert
Dlamini Martha
Dlamini Emmanuel 26-December-1976
Dlamini Joseph
Dlamini Themba
Dlamini Caiphus April 1993
Dlamini Moses
Dlamini Temba
Dlamini Zenzele
Dlamini Gilbert
Dlamini Joseph
Dlamini David
Dlamini Douglas
Dlamini Fikile
Dlamini Gangamshini
Dlamini George
Dlamini Johannes
Dlamini Mavela
Dlamini Mzanempi
Dlamini Patrick
Dlamini Sekby
Dlamini-Zuma Nkosazana

ANC member, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Health, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chair of the African Union

Dlanjda Mlamli
Dlanza Dennis 27-Decembe-1976
Dlevu Johnson
Dlevu Johnson
Dlodlo Victor
Dlokolo Mpompi
Dlokolo Mpompi
Dlomo Amos
Dlomo Sibongiseni
Dlomo Mapiki
Dlomo Albert

Member of the ANC and MK, political prisoner, National Chairperson MKVA and former advisor to the Minister of Defence.

Dlomo Mapiki
Dludla Reginald
Dlwata J.
Dlwati Bonisile 2001
Dlwati Bonisile
Docrat Abdul Khalek Mohamed

Abdul Khalek Mohamed Docrat, AKM or “Doc” as he was popularly known, was one of the leading political activists in the Natal Indian Congress and Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA).

15 September 1915 15 February 2003
Dodo Zibongile 1935 31 October 1967
Dodo Fanelekile
Doke Joseph J

Political Activist and a Baptist Church Minister.

Domtsa Mellville 26-December-1976
Dondashe Simon
Donkin Rufane

British  general, colonel and Governor at the Cape

1772 01-May-1841
Donnovan Saayman
Doorsamy Kirsten
dos Santos (nee Beira) Pamela

Politcal activist, member of ANC Women's League

Douglas Gabula
Douglas Zulu
Douglas Robert
Douglas Mangenda
Douglas Mthetho
Douglas Robert
Douglas Mangenda
Douglas Irvine
Douglas Mkaba
Douwes-Dekker Loet
Douwes-Dekker Louis

Assistant General Secretary of TUCSA, chairman of the Urban Training Project, university lecturer and banned person.

Dowling Kevin

Priest at the St. Joseph’s Mission, which became a place of refuge for activists in the Boputhatswana Homeland in the 1980s, current Bishop of Rustenburg.

14 February 1944
Doyle Mnyamana
Doyle Alan
Doyle Mollie
Doyle Gerald 1931
Doyle (nee Anderson) Molly
Drake Elizabeth


1866 1954
Drelase Ciliza 1941
Driver Jonty

President of the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS), political detainee, educator, poet and writer.

Driver Jponty

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA). Banned by the apartheid government.

Dryburgh David

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa

Du Plessis Barend

Teacher,  MP for Florida, 1974; Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Education and Training, 1983-84; Minister of Finance, 1984-1992.

du Plessis Hein


13 February 1967
du Plessis Menan

A member of the South African Communist Party

Du Plessis George
Du Preez Antonio
Du Preez Hettie leader of the Garment Workers Union, convenor of first conference of the Federation of South African Women, prominent role in the founding of the African People’s Organisation.
du Toit Jacobus


1847 1911
du Toit Bettie

Trade unionist

15-July-1910 31-January-2002
Du Val Charles

Elocutionist and journalist

19-March-1810 14-June-1872
Duarte Jessie Former South African High Commissioner to Mozambique, provincial secretary of the Federation of Transvaal Women, banned person, political detainee, Chief Operations Officer in the Presidency, previous National Spokesperson for the ANC,  Deputy Secretary General of the ANC, member of the ANC NEC, UDF and SACP 19 September 1953 17 July 2022
Dubani Rufus
Dubani Sikenke
Dubase Hamilton
Dubasi Philemon
Dube Molebogeng
Dube Johanna
Dube Lucky

 South African musical artist and was attributed as one of the world's greatest reggae superstars

03-August-1964 18-October-2007
Dube Molebogeng
Dube John

Educator, politician, author, minister of the Congregational (American Board) Church, founder member and first president of the South African Native National Congress (SANNC).

22 February 1871 11 February 1946
Dube Nokutela (nee Mdima)

Musician, founder member of the Daughters of Africa and wife of John Langalibalele Dube. 

1873 25-January-1917
Dube Frederick
Dube Lulu

Daughter of African National Congress (ANC) Founder, John Langalibalele Dube 

1931 26-May-2016
Dube John
Dube Moses
Dubeni Zola 11-November-1987
Dubu Prince
Dubu Prince
Dubula Isaac
Dude Lesley
Dudley Richard

Teacher, member of the Anti-CAD Movement and the Non European Unity Movement (NEUM) and President of the New Unity Movement.

1924 31 May 2009
Dudumashe Elliot
Dugmore Cameron

A member of the End Conscription Campaign, also part of the University of Cape Town SRC

Duiker Kabelo Sello

Author, Screenwriter and Editor

13 April 1974 19 January 2005
Dukada Sisa 1940
Dukada Sisa
Dukumbana Mbuzeli
Dullaart Thys


Duma Thamsanqa
Duma Sinandu
Duma Thamsanga
Duma Sibusiso 28 June 1978
Duma Sinandu
Duma Alfred
Duma Alfred
Duma Gcina
Duma Martine
Dumbleton Bertram


1896 1966
Dumela David
Dumezweni Nyeni
Dumisa Robert
Dumisane Zulu
Duncan Patrick

Took part in the Defiance Campaign, national organiser of the Liberal Party and member of the PAC

29-June-1918 04-June-1967
Duncan Sheena

Teacher, politcal activist and leader of the women's organisation Black Sash.

07-December-1932 04-May-2010
Duncan Patrick

Barrister and First South African Governor-General

21-December-1870 17-July-1943
Duncan Florence
Dunga Gidliza 01-December-1976
Dunjana Bongani
Dunjwa J.
Dunjwa Jeremiah

Court Interpreter, teacher, editor and ANC member

Dunlop Penelope

Singer and songwriter

Dwaba Lungelo
Dwaba Lungelo
Dwai Jan
Dwai Jan
Dwane James Mata

Church Leader

1848 1916
Dwashu Maqikela
Dweba Toto 25 August 1985
Dyakala Kholisile 1955 24 November 1988
Dyams Given
Dyams Given
Dyamse Pasuja
Dyani Malcolm
Dyani Malcolm
Dyantyi Ntolose
Dyebi Fred
Dyer Steve


Dyonase Elvis
Dyonase Elvis
Dyosini Acting
Dywili Mfundo
Dywshu Thembinkosi 26 August 1992
D’Oliveira Basil

English test cricketer who was banned from playing in South Africa, awarded the Companion of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen of England. 

04-October-1931 19-November-2011
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