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La Grange Ashley

Teacher, Photographer

la Guma Blanche

Member of Communist Party of South Africa, specialised midwife, politically active in the Federation of South African Women, detained, banned, exiled in the United Kingdom, returned to Cape Town in 1992.

30 November 1927 6 July 2023
La Guma Alex

Writer, member of the SACP, leader of the South African Coloured People's Organisation (SACPO) and a defendant in the 1956 Treason Trial, chief representative of the African National Congress in the Caribbean

20-February-1925 11-October-1985
la Guma James (Jimmy)

Trade unionist and political activist, member of the ICU, CPSA and the ANC

23-August-1894 1961
Laaka Erick 17-June-1976
Lafasi Clifford
Lailaje Charles
Lakhi Cassim Mahomed 1915 1989
Lambert Ellen

Member of the African National Congress, the United Democratic Front (UDF), a Congress of the People volunteer and Anti-Apartheid activist. 

05-March-1934 11-April-2012
Lamolo John
Lamont Archibald

finister of religion and politician.

14 September 1864 27 November 1933

A member of the South African Communist Party (SACP)

Lan Rebecca a member of Habonim, Modern Youth Society; social researcher; worked at the University of Cape Town’s Board of Studies; acting General Secretary of the Food and Canning Workers Union; banned 1933
Landau Paul

Professor Landau is an historian of culture and politics in southern Africa.

Lande Lennox
Lande Siphiwo 1966 14 April 1988
Landingwe Vondela

Robben Island prisoner, MEC in the Western Cape government

November 2018
Landman Frank

School teacher, husband, father, anti-Apartheid activist, exile.

25 August 1918 21 March 1990
Landman Olive

Schoolteacher, anti-apartheid activist, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

5 August 1919, Knysna
Lang Colin

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), banned by the apartheid government.

Lang John

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA) and the African Resistance Movement (ARM)

Langa Christopher
Langa Vincent
Langa Benjamin

Secretary General and Cultural Officer of SASO, political activist, poet, member of MK and the ANC

Langa Jerome
Langa Pius

Deputy President Constitutional Court, Deputy Chief Justice of the South African Constitutional Court, and Chief Justice and head of the Constitutional Court.

25 March 1939 24 July 2013
Langa Mandla

poet, novelist, editor

Langben Mountain
Langdown Amos


07-May-1930 01-February-2006
Lapinsky Sheila Anti-apartheid activist, gay rights activist, feminist, former Secretary-General of NUSAS, founding member of OLGA, lobbied for gay rights to be constitutionally recognised, banned 1944 (or 1945)
Lapsley Michael 2 June 1949
Laredo John
Lareno John
Larrabee Constance


07-August-1914 27-July-2000
Lasentyana Sunduza
Latiff S.
Latsky Louise

Author and zoologist, first women to recieve a doctorate from Stellenbosch University

22-October-1901 08-November-1980
Laubscher Frederik

Paint salesman, Artist, teacher, founder and director of the Ruth Prowse Art Centre.

3 February 1927 22 May 2013
Laubser Maria

South African Artist whose paintings are now much sought-after

14 April 1886 1973
Laurence Sindane
Laurie Anneke


Lauwerijs Modestus (Modest)

flemish elocutionist and teacher.

28 December 1887 11 March 1967
Lawana Nontsokolo
Lawana Mto
Lawrence Edward
Lawrence Pokela
Lawrence Mvula
Lawrence Selekoe
Lawrence John 20 November 1993
Lawrence Ngiwa
Lawson Lesley

Photographer and a member of Afrapix

Layton Mpongoshe
Lazar (nee Hayman) Ruth

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) and the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA). Banned by the apartheid government.

1913 1981
Lazarus Zachariah
Lazarus Chiwayo
Le Roux Philippe
Leadus Gwamando
Lebajao Peter 1932 14 August 1984
Lebajoa Peter August-1984
Leballo Joel 1941 19 November 1965
Leballo Potlako

Leader in the Africanist movement and National Secretary in the Pan Africanist Congress, serving as its secretary general from its founding in April 1959, and later as its acting president in exile.

19-December-1915 January-1986
Lebekoe Tom

banished person

Lebele Frank
Lebelo Albert 04-August-1976
Lebeloane Lazarus
Lebelwane Barney
Lebese Michael
Lebo Ena
Lebogang Headman
Lebogang Headman
Leburu John 18-June-1976
Lediye Motse 11-November-1988
Ledochowski Chris


Ledwaba Walter 19 Sept. 1986
Ledwaba Jacob 26-December-1976
Lee Stephen

ANC, SACP and MK activist

Lee Ralph 08-September-1976
Lee H.
Lee-warden Leonard
Lee-Warden Leonard (Len)

Linotype operator and printer of The Guardian, Lee-Warden was elected as Native Representative for the Cape in 1954, and a member of the Congress of Democrats. Lee- Warden was one of the accused in the 1956 Treason Trial.

1913 1998
Leeuw Jeremiah Baden

Former ANC youth league member who was one of the group of Africanists that broke away to form the PAC, prisoner on Robben Island

1932 2008
Lefakane Zekia 21-March-1960
Leftwich Adrian

Author, exile, President of NUSAS, member of the African Resistance Movement, Lecturer in Politics

1940 April 2013
Legae Ezrom

South African sculptor and painter whose work provides a harsh social commentary on life under apartheid

01-June-1938 January 1999
Legingoane John

Miner, Worker, Marikana Casualty

16 August 2012
Lehloko Archie 07-September-1986
Lehupa Jackson

Miner, Worker, Marikana Casuality

16 August 2012
Lehupela Molatodi


7 September 1962
Leisa Selloane Anti-apartheid activist, member of the ANCWL and FEDSAW, founding member of ASHA, played a role in the 1956 Women’s March 22 February 1914 6 July 2016
Leisa Mildred
Lekalakala Albanus
Lekele Peter
Lekganyane Joseph

Bishop and leader of St Engenas Zion Christian Church (the Dove).

21 January 1931 11 November 1972
Lekgetho Simon


1929 1985
Lekgoete Elias
Lekitla Mirriam 21-March-1960
Lekota Mosiuoa

member of SASO, the UDF and the ANC.  Politician, President and Leader of the Congress of the People since 16 December 2008.

Lekoto Merementsi
Lembede Anton

Political Activist.

21-March-1914 30-July-1947
Lemon T. J.


Lengisi Joel

ANCYL secretary, political prisoner, banned and banishedperson

Lengwali Patrick 11-January-1977
Lenkoe James 10-March-1969
Lennox Gudlindlu
Leo Contriens
Leon Anthony James (Tony)

Former leader of the Democratic Alliance

15 December 1956
Leon Consalves
Leon Ruth  Women’s rights activist, gay rights activist, anti-apartheid activist 4 May 1945 15 August 1996
Leonard Knight
Lepee Salanyane
Lepolesa S. Mac

trader and national ANC deputy-speaker

Lepota David 26-December-1976
Leroke Hermina 26-December-1977
Leromo Kopano 07-September-1986
Lerumo Luvuyo 11-November-1986
Lesejane Ashely 31.12.76
Lesele Tutu 11-August-1976
Leshoai Sam
Leshoro Robert
Lesia Moeketsi
Lesia Mildred
Lesia Ephraim
Lesiea Mildred

Trade unionist, political detainee, banned person, member of the ANC, ANCWL, SACP, FSAW and the UWO, Member of Parliament, recipient of Provincial and National Government Awards. 

Lesimola Lawrence 07-November-1988
Lesley Motse 00/00/88
Lesolang S. J. J.


Letanka Daniel Simon

Court interpreter, journalist and political activist and founding member of the ANC

1874 1932
Letele Arthur

Doctor and ANC member 

02- October-1916 20-December-1965
Lethebe Hermanus

Member of the CPSA 

Unknown 16-December-1929
Letladi Patrick
Letlaka Tsepo

member of the ANCYL and later the PAC

19-December-1925 2006
Letlaku J. 26.12.76
Letlalo Petrus
Letleka Dominic 18.6.76
Letsela Reuben
Letseleba William
Letsholo Peter 25.8.76
Letsila Rueben 11-November-1986
Letty Cythna


01-January-1895 03-May-1985
Leukes Owen
Levetan Laura Jean

NUSAS Projects Officer and External Vice President, founding member of SSD, a member of UWO, Five Freedoms Foundation and the Australian Labour Party

Levin Aubrey

Aubrey Levin was a psychiatrist who worked in the South African Defence Force (SADF) where he earned the nickname “Dr Shock” for his use of electro-convulsive shocks on gay and lesbian conscripts under the guise of curing them of their homosexuality. 

18 December 1938
Levinson Mankankaza
Levitan Ronnie


28 December 1943 28-January-2005
Levson Freda

Political activist, administered the 1956 Treason Trial Defence Fund and IDAF worker

21-November-1911 07-October-2004
Levy Leon

Trade unionist, Author, SACTU Leader and 1956 Treason trialist

Levy Norman Member of the South African Communist Party (SACP) and South African Congress of Democrats (COD), sat on the South African Congress of Democrats Resolutions Committee member, defendant in the Treason Trial and ‘Fischer Trial’  7 August 1929 4 July 2021
Lewatle Pope
Lewin Hugh

Journalist, author, anti-apartheid activist, political prisoner, jailed for sabotage, exiled person, member of the African Resistance Movement and the Liberal Party of South Africa, recipient of the Olive Schreiner Prize for his prison memoir Bandiet Out of Jail and the Alan Paton Award for Stones against the Mirror, recipient of the International Human Rights Book Award for Stones against the Mirror, media trainer

1939 16 January 2019
Lewis Jack
Lewis Neville


08-October-1895 26-June-1972
Lewis Dave
Lewis Henrietta Olive Schreiner’s elder sister, founder of “The Highlands” home, member of Women’s Temperance Union 1850 1912
Lewiton Archie

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa.

Leyden Jock


1908 2000
Liander Dlamini
Liau Janeveke

Miner, Worker, Marikana Casuality

16 August 2012
Libate Carl
Liberty Eric 28 December 1989
Lichabe Sam
Lickard Lickard
Liebenberg John 1958 15 February 2020
Likhing J. S.

member and chaplain of the ANC

Limba Cyril 9.9.76
Limbada Ahmed

medical doctor, exile, member of the Unity Movement of South Africa and the African Peoples Democratic Union of South Africa

1922 1988
Linda Mampane
Linda Petrus 26.12.76
Linda Bikitsha
Linda Fibi
Lindwa Shortman
Linerabotapi Isaac 21-March-1960
Lingisi Joel
Linus Dhlamini
Lion Solomon

Banished person

21 September 1971
Lionel Curtis
Lionel Davis
Liphoko Patrick
Lipman Alan

Member of the CPSA, member of the ANC, author, teacher, intellectual and architect

6 June 1925 27 January 2013
Lisa Canzi
Litha Jalobe
Lithako Jim

Banished person

Litho Mlahleki
Livingstone David

Worked at a cotton mill company while at school, Trained as a Medical doctor, Missionary of the London Missionary Society (LMS), Explorer.

1813 1873
Liwana Sityepi
Liza Mbiko
Lizo Mtoto
Llewellyn Charles

The first non-white South African cricketer. 

29 September 1876 7 June 1964
Lloyd Jan 26.12.76
Lloyd Candi
Lloyd Tobile 1961 14 April 1988
Lloyd Tobilo 05-April-1988
Lloyd John

A member of the African Resistance Movement (ARM)

Lokwanye Nujoma
Lollan Stanley

Secretary of SACPO in the Transvaal and 1956 Treason Trialist

1925 1987
Lollan Stanley B.

Secretary of SACPO in the Transvaal and 1956 Treason Trialist

Lolwane Beauty
Lolwane Sidwell
Lombard Rashid 10-April-1951
Lombard Mbata
Londe Siphiwo 29-March-1988
Long Samuel

Working class martyr, trade unionist and communist

1891 17 November 1922
Loots Hermanus 19-07-1936 25-01-2016
Loram Charles


10-May-1879 1940
Lot Hamateni
Louis Pedro
Louis Mtimkulu
Lourens Jansie

ANC operative and charged with treason

Louw D
Louw Eric Hendrik

Politician and a diplomat

1890 1968
Louw Suzanne


Lowe Nazeem
Loza Elijah 1918 01-August-1977
Lubeko Gilbert
Lubepe Francis
Lubisi Andy
Lubisi Noimbithi
Lubowski Anton 3 February 1953 12 September 1989
Lubuzo Acting
Lucas Mahlangu
Lucas Makunyane
Lucas Giyane
Lucas Jusuf
Lucas Cornelius
Lucas Bbatha
Lucas Michael 1967 25 March 1988
Ludbrook Kim


9 June 1969
Ludi Gerard

Agent infiltrated into MK, Liliesleaf Raid

Ludidi Zulani
Ludwe Lobese
Lufele Jackson 26 October 1992
Lujiza Theodore B.

Trade unionist and ICU Branch Secretary

Lukas Nkinki
Lukele Andrew
Lukhele Oupa 28-March-1988
Lukhele Willie
Lulamile Xate
Lulamile Mate
Lumis Dlamini
Lumkile Mkefa
Lumumba Patrice

First Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo (now called Democratic Republic of the Congo)

2 July 1925 17 January 1961
Lungile Lydia
Lungisani Kunene
Lungiso Musi
Luphindo Inspector 2.7.76
Luphondo Mlungisi 06-November-1988
Lupiwane Goowill 18.2.77
Lupondwana Rex
Lupulwana Fuzile August 1986
Lurie David


Lurie Hannah


Lushaba Dumudumu
Luthuli Phendulani
Luthuli Daluxolo
Luthuli Albert John Teacher, ANC President-General, 1956 Treason Trialist, banned person and Nobel Peace Prize winner 1898 21 July 1967
Luthuli Nokukhanya

Teacher and farmer, wife of Chief Albert John Luthuli, community leader, involved in the ANC and Daughters of Africa.

3 March 1904 16 December 1996
Lutuli Martin

Farmer, wagon maker, Chief and founder of the Natal Native Congress

mid 1800s 1921
Luvatsha Reginald 26.12.76
Luyt Louis

Businessman, former President of SARFU and politician

18-June-1932 01-February-2013
Lwana Meshak
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