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Last name First name Synopsis Date of birth Date of death
Taaka Louis 26-December-1976
Tabakin Rita

Member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA)

Tabakin Morris

A businessman

Tabalaza Lungile 10-July-1978
Tabalaza Michael 13-December-1976
Tabane Job

Member of the African National Congress and uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) and member of the ANC NEC

6 December 1942 9 July 1987
Tabata Isaac

Founder and leading theoretician of the Non-European Unity Movement

Tabner Mgedezi
Tafeni Milton
Talakumeni China 11-November-1987
Talazo Selwyn 26.12.76
Tamana Dora

Member of SACP, National Secretary of FSAW, member of the ANC Women’s League 

11-November-1901 23-July-1983
Tambane Sam April 1993
Tambani Sam

Political activist, trade unionist and community leader

23 August 1953 14 April 1993
Tambo Oliver Teacher, lawyer, President and National Chairperson of the ANC. 27 October 1917 24 April 1993
Tambo Adelaide

Nurse, chairperson of the George Goch branch of the ANCYL, founder member of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Movement and the Pan-African Women's Organisation (PAWO), national Treasurer of the ANC Women’s League, ANC MP, the So

18-July-1929 31-January-2007
Tambo Dali

Activist, Filmmaker, TV-personality, businessman and son of the late Oliver Tambo.

Tamsairga Mthembu
Tamsanga Jeffrey
Tamsanqu Ketelo
Tamsoqa Dick
Tandabantu Majojo ka

Banished person

Tanisi Maxwell
Tantakela Siswana
Tantsi Nimrod Boyce

Insurance agent, helped Clements Kadalie to establish the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union in Johannesburg. Was posted to Witbank as a full-time ANC organiser for the eastern Transvaal. When the short-lived League of African Rights was set up by the Communist Party (CPSA) in 1929, Tantsi became one of its leaders, composed the popular political song "Mayibuye", member of the Transvaal ANC executive committee, chaplain, acting Transvaal ANC president, Elder in the AME Church, author, PAC sympathiser

Tapi Samson
Tarshish Jack

A member of the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Springbok Legion

Tas Adam 1668 1722
Tatane Geogre
Tati Zola 11-July-1988
Tau Cornelius 03-March-1986
Tau Hlolile
Taung The Taung Child
Tavhana Paul 1930
Taycke Eric
Taylor Dora

Member of the Lenin Club, Founder member of the Non European Unity Movement and Author.

1899 1976
Taylor Rupert
Taylor Sydney 1870 1952
Taylor Daphne
Tebaho Qhobashiane
Tebeila Alfred

Banished person.

Tebogo Makubala
Tebogo Ditsebe
Teboho Direko
Tefetso Mothibe
Teffo Michael


Tefu Matlakana

Member of the PAC, former political prisoner on Robben Island and he was the Deputy Secretary General of PAM. 

1940 13 November 2012
Tefu Stephen

Member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) and the Central Committee in Johannesburg, organizer for the Federation of Non-European Trade Unions, chairman of the African General Workers' Union in Pretoria. Banned in the 1950s

c. 1910
Tefu Madimetja 26 December 1976
Teisi Gabriel 26 December 1976
Tema S. S.

Dutch Reformed minister, founder and later president of the quasipolitical Interdenominational African Ministers' Federation, served as chairman of a committee in the Transvaal charged with reviving the African National Congress (ANC) after it had become dormant under Pixley Seme's leadership.

Temba Gelo
Temba Matanga
Temba Mayela
Tembe Befile
Tembele Ngotsha
Tembile Hletuve
Tembile Hletiwe
Temi Khame
Tempo Anna

Christian missionary who dedicated her life to helping the downtrodden, especially women prostitutes in Cape Town.

1870 30 May 1946
Tempo Anna
Tengani Johannes (approx 1987)
Tennant Alice Desiree
Terence Dlamini
Terre’Blanche Eugène

Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) leader.

31 January 1941 3 April 2010
Terry Mike

Former Executive Secretary of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement

1947 2 December 2008*
Thabo Nkopodi
Thabo Makunyane
Thabo Motsoeneng
Thabo Ramaditse
Thabo Lerumo
Thaele James M.

President of the Western Cape ANC and editor

1888 1948
Thamaga Solomon

Banished person

Thamsanqa Mkwanazi
Thamsanqa Methuli
Thandekile Titi
Thanjekwayo Nkosinat 06/08/88
Thapelo Seoko
Thathia Kiren 1959
Thebe Gerald
Thebe Piet
Thebehali Ngoako David

Former Mayor of Soweto

Thebogo Pelele
Theiler Gertrud

Scientist and lecturer

11 September 1897 2 May 1986
Theiler Arnold

feterinary Scientist.

24 July 1936
Thelejane Thabiso

Minor, Worker, Casualty

16 August 2012
Thema Richard

Chairperson of the committee that drew up a new constitution for the South African Native National Congress,editor of The Bantu World,served on the Native Representative Council (NRC), representing the rural areas of the Transvaal and the

1886 1955
Themba Maja
Themba 11/11/82
Themba Msomi
Themba Khumalo
Themba Mthembu
Themba Canodoise (Can)

South African writer.

21-June-1924 1968
Thembani Sipho 27 January 1992
Thembekile Jantjies
Thembikile Nyobo
Thembinkosi Zulu
Thembinkosi Jacobs
Thembisile Batyi
Thembu M
Thenjekwayo Nkosinathi 08/06/88
Theodore Mlanda
Theophilus Mavuso
Theophilus Cholo
Theophilus Mzukwa
Theron Jan
Thibedi T W

Member of the International Socialist League in the Cape, supervisor of the CPSA's night school in Ferreirastown, Johannesburg, elected to the CPSA's Central Executive Committee, General Secretary of the Federation of Non-European Trade Union

Thinane Sello
Thipe D
Thisibode Madalambane
Thloloe Joseph

Member of the PAC, political detainee, chairman of the South African National Editors' Forum(SANEF), president of the Union of Black Journalists and Media Workers Association of South Africa and press ombudsman

01 July 1942
Thoba Alfred
Thobela Dingaan

Boxer, funeral director.

24 September 1966
Thobile Nkumbi
Thobile Nokele
Thokwe Maserumule
Thomas Mngadi
Thomas Gladys Poet, playwright and short story writer. 1935 April 2022
Thomas James
Thomas Mashaba
Thomas Masuku
Thomas Mtambo
Thomas Mabuza
Thompson Gaza
Thompson Chamane 1931 5 September 1961
Thompson Douglas

Religious leader, Treason Trialist, Political activist and political detainee

8 August 1905 1985
Thompson Helen anti-apartheid political activist, founding member of the Black Sash
Thompson Daweti
Thoms Raymond
Thorne Athol 15-October-1921 14-September-2001
Thorne Coelette

A part of the South African Congress of Democrats (COD), South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Modern Youth Society (MYS)

Thornton Amy Anti-apartheid activist, member of SACP, MYS, and ANC, secretary of Joint Congress Committee, served on the Treason Trial Support Committee, participated in the 1956 women’s march, founding member of UWO, patron of the UDF, banned for fourteen years by the apartheid regime, recipient of Government’s National Order for her commitment to the liberation struggle 1932
Thorpe Jo

South African artist.

1921 18-February-1995
Thozamile Mpongoshe
Thugwane Josiah

SA thlete and first Black South African athlete to win an Olympic gold medal in 1996

22 April 1971
Thulani Mabaso
Thulare Arthur

Member of the ANC and a banished person.

Thwala Gwaza 11-November-1980
Tiadi Moses
Tickey Masake
Tikana Alex

Banished person.

Tikly Mohammed

member of the TIYC, TIC and the ANC, Coordinator of the Somafco Collection, Batlagae Trust, worked at the Department of National Education, member of the ANC’s Archives’ Committee and the Archives at Fort Hare University and is a trustee of Desmond Tutu Diversity Trust. 

Tile Nehemiah

Leader of the first major secessionist church in South Africa, minister in the Wesleyan Methodist Church,  established his own Tembu Church

Tillim Guy


Timlin William Mitcheson
Timol Ahmed

Teacher, member of the South African Communist Party, first political detainee to die at the hands of the Security Police at the notorious John Vorster Police Station, Johannesburg 

03-November-1941 27-October-1971
Timola Jeremiah 14-August-1986
Timothy Jantjies
Timothy Mene
Timothy Madolo
Tingwe Monde
Tinto Fihla

ANC Political Activist

25-December-1925 14-August-2005
Tintswala Mashamba
Tip Karel

Lawyer and trade union activist

Tiro Aaron
Tiro Abram

Political activist, teacher, member of the South African Students Organisation and Black Consciousness Movement, SASO’s Permanent Organiser, Honorary President of the Southern African Students’ Movement, exiled person, killed by a parcel bomb. 

9 November 1947 1 February 1974
Tischauer Julia

A member of the South African Congress of Democrats (COD)

Titus Hendriks
Titus Jobo
Tiya Oga 11-November-1991
Tjiphura Kaleb
Tladi Lazarus
Tladi Manthatha
Tladi Lefifi Poet, musician, painter, historian, teacher, philosopher 4 January 1949
Tlakula Pansy

Chair of the Independent Electoral Commission, Chair of the University of North-West Council and Advocate of the supreme court of South Africa.

Tlali Miriam

Novelist, short-story writer and the first Black woman in South Africa to publish a novel.

11-November-1933 24-February-2017
Tlanyane Jeremiah 1960/03/21
Tlhapane Bafana
Tlhonelang Maape
Tlhotlhomisang Lucas 26-March-1990
Tlhotlomisang Lucas 26-March-1990
Tobias Ann

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), banned by the apartheid government.

Tobias Phillip

Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Human Biology and anti–apartheid academic

Tobias Phillip

Chair of NUSAS, medical doctor, palaeo-anthropologist, lecturer, author, geneticist, scientist, Professor Emeritus of Anatomy, head of the research department at the Sterkfontein Caves

14 October 1925 7 June 2012
Toivo Herman
Toivo Ya Toivo Andimba

Deputy Chairman of the Modern Youth Society (MYS), Founder member of the Ovamboland People’s Congress (OPC), Member of the Peoples Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) and the South West African People’s Organisation (SWAPO)

22 August 1924
Tokota Kenny 26.12.76
Tole Fikile
Tole Fumanekile
Tolkien John


03-January-1892 02-September-1973
Tom Moses
Tom Mthuthuzeli

Pioneer trade unionist and NUMSA leader.

7 September 1959 27 August 2010
Tom Dingana
Tom Fotsho
Toms Ivan 11 July 1953 25 March 2008
Tomsanga Mthembu
Tone Majau 08-September-1986
Tonjeni Elliot

Member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA), active in the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union and the African National Congress

1895 1962
Tose Martin

A South African born painter and sculptor

1958 2004
Toto Masiza
Tovey Neil Former Football player, South African Coach 2 July 1962
Treurnicht Andries

Former Conservative Party Leader.

19 February 1921 22 April 1993
Trevor Wentzel
Trew Anthony

A member of African Resistance Movement (ARM) and the African National Congress (ANC). Detained for three years.

Trewhela Paul

A member of the South African Communist Party (SACP)

Truman Magubane
Tsafendas Dimitri

Parliamentary Messenger who assassinated South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd.

14 January1918 07 October 1999
Tsakane Phillip
Tsame Fikile
Tsatsi Matsidiso 05-January-1984
Tseke Ben 11-November-1986
Tseke Kgalabotwane

Banished person.

Tsela Edward 21-March-1960
Tsele Benson 1932 21 March 1968
Tsele Peter

fedical doctor

Tsepo Mashigo
Tsewu Edward 1866
Tshabala Vusi 27 October 1992
Tshabalala Fani
Tshabalala Mpini
Tshabalala Vusi
Tshabalala Mshiywa

Clerk, Secretary of the Working Committee, ANC Sophiatown, chairman of school committees in Soweto in the 1960s, Chairman of the ANC Veterans League

Tshabalala Humprey
Tshabalala Amos 17 Nov. 1987
Tshabalala Pearl 10 February 1988
Tshabalala Sipho
Tshabalala Zweli 14 April 1991
Tshabalala Almond 10 January 1992
Tshabalala Siphiwe 25 September 1984
Tshabalala Enoch 1941
Tshabalala Christopher 26.12.76
Tshabalala Godfrey 26.12.76
Tshabalala Jeffrey 17.7.76
Tshabalala Michael 26.12.76
Tshabalala Veli 11-November-1988
Tshabalala Sarah 26.12.76
Tshabalala Tennyson 26.12.76
Tshabalala Titus 26.12.76
Tshabalala Veronica 26.12.76
Tshabalala Vincent

Member and Chairman of COSAS, member of the African National Congress and uMkhonto weSizwe (MK). 

15-August-1964 09-February-1985
Tshabalala-Msimang Mantombazana

Exiled ANC leader 1962-1990, Medical Doctor, Deputy Justice Minister 1994-1998, Health Minister 1999-2008

09-October-1940 16-December-2009
Tshabangu Andrew


Tshali Mongameli 16-October-1938 07-September-2011
Tshangela Theophilus

Banished person

Tshawe Dwaba
Tshazibane Wellington 11-December-1976
Tshidiso Phofu
Tshikila Xolisile
Tshikudo Samuel 20-January-1984
Tshinka Joseph 11-November-1984
Tshiwula Alfred
Tshokodibane Lawrence 9.9.76
Tshuma Cornwell 21-March-1960
Tshume Gladstone Xala

Member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA), trade unionist,  secretary of the African Textile Workers' Union, lay preacher in the Bantu Methodist Church

1912 1957
Tshume Tamsanqa Tasque


Stalwart of the Cape African National Congress, member of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) national executive and its president in the Cape, during the&nbs

Tshwane William 25-July-1976
Tshwete Stephen

Secretary of the Border regional command of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), imprisoned on Robben Island, teacher, UDF President for the Border region, member of the ANC's Politico-Military Council secretariat and Army Commissar of MK, membe

12-November-1938 26-April-2002
Tsie Joseph
Tsikalanga Gilbert

Banished person.

Tsiki Zandisile
Tsitetsi. Samuel 1.11.76
Tsoletsane Rodney
Tsolo Kalake
Tsotetsi Stanley
Tsotetsi Jeremiah 11-November-1983
Tsotsi Wycliffe MIungisi

President of the All African Convention (AAC), teacher, lawyer

Tsotsobe Mnikelo
Tswai Malebane
Tswene Titu 27.8.76
Tubukwa Jundea 11-September-1968
Tubukwa, Jundea 11-September-1968
Tukuza Mphangeli Tukuza

Minor, Worker, Casualty

16 August 2012
Tume Leonard Leonard Tebogo Tume known as Norman Nkosi was born in Galeshewe, Kimberly. In November, 1976 he became an uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) cadre and went for training in Botswana. 10 April 1957 13 June 1980
Tume Leon 11-November-1980
Tunsi Robert

ANC member, was chairman of the committee which built the first independent primary school in Newclare.


Turner Richard Visionary academic who inspired a generation of young activists (student's movements) and helped galvanize the labour movement's resurgence before his assassination in 1978. 25 September 1941 8 January 1978
Turok Ben Surveyor, lecturer and secretary of the COD, arrested for treason in 1956, trade union organiser, elected unopposed to represent Africans of the Western Cape on the Cape Provincial Council, convicted under the Explosives Act, political prisoner, banned person, exile 26-June-1927 09-December-2019
Turok Mary A member of the South African Communist Party (SACP), South African Congress of Democrats (COD), African National Congress (ANC) and uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK), exiled person.
Tutu Desmond

Outspoken critic of apartheid, teacher, author, lecturer, Nobel Prize winner, former Archbishop of Cape Town, Archbishop Emeritus of South Africa

7 October 1931 26 December 2021
Twala Joseph 19 September 1991
Twala Jacob 30.10.76
Twasi Chiao
Twelf Silimane
Twoboy Mtwetwe
Tyabashe William

Banished person

Tyaliti Edward

Member of the African National Congress (ANC) and the All African Convention (AAC), banished person

Tyaliwe Fanekile
Tyamzashe Benjamin John Peter

Composer, Choir Conductor, Organist and Teacher

5 September 1890 04 June 1978
Tyamzashe Henry Daniel

Printer and journalist, provincial secretary of the ICU  for the Transvaal, edited The Workers' Herald and later New Africa, the paper of the Independent Industrial Commercial Union

Tyatyeka Eric
Tyeku Simon

Chairman of the Sophiatown African National Congress, accused in the Treason Trial of 1956-1961, coal dealer and property owner

Tyiki Robert 17.6.76
Tyini Corry 1931 19 November 1965
Tyita James 24-January-1964
Tyler C.
Tyobeka Msimasi 1938 30 May 1967
Tyrrell Barbara 15 March 1912
Tyrrell Barbara Eleanor Harcourt


15 March 1912
Tyson Sillah
Tyutyu Moyisile Anti-apartheid activist, ANC member, MK underground operative, Robben Island prisoner, recipient of the Government’s National Order of Luthuli in Silver, Deputy Chairperson of ANCVL 1935 (or 1934)
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