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Last name First name Synopsis Date of birth Date of death
Habase Andile 26-November-1992
Hadebe Mandlenkosi
Hadebe Reggie 27 October 1992
Hadebe James

Teacher and political activist. A member of the African National Congress (ANC) Hadebe served as Transvaal Provincial Secretary of the ANC during the 1950s. An accused in the Treason Trial, Hadebe left South Africa to serve as an ANC representative internationally during his exile.

29 October 1923
Hadi Gordon
Hadjie Dawood
Hadjie Mohammed
Haffejee Hoosen

Political activist, dentist and political detainee.

06-November-1950 03-August-1977
Hain Adelaine

Political prisoner, banned, exiled person, Anti Apartheid activist

16 February 1927 8 September 2019
Hain Walter

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA)

Hain Peter 16-February-1950
Haita Solomon
Haita Yustus
Hajaig Fatima
Hall Eve Anti-apartheid activist, COD and ANC member, journalist, launched the ANC women section’s first bulletin- Voice of Women, one of the first White women to be jailed for opposing apartheid, banned 20 March 1937 2007
Hall-Xuma Madie

Headed the African National Congress Women's League, fund raiser for the ANC, founder of the popular Zenzele self-help movement, president of the national council of the South African Young Women's Christian Association

1894 10-September-1982
Hallett George Documentary Photographer, Designer, Lecturer  1942 1 July 2020
Haluteni Abel
Hamakwayo James 09-October-1966
Hamateni Nathanoel
Hamilton Cele
Hamilton Weizman
Hamlet Siphiwe (approx 1988)
Hamlyn Michael

Botswana raid by SANDF

Hammarskjöld Dag Hjalmar

Former United Nations Secretary General

29 July 1905
Hamulemo Simeon
Hamulemo Simeon
Hanabe Simon
Handler James

Part of the End Conscription Campaign and SAUJS

Hanekom Derek

A member of the African National Congress, was involved in intelligence.

Hanekom Patricia
Hanekom Hendrik

Afrikaans theatrical pioneer and actor

17-June-1893 14-January-1952
Hanfinu Nghidipo
Hanghwo Kristoff
Hanghwo Kristoff
Hani Gilbert

A member of the ANC and banished person

Hani Thembisile Chief of Staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe and General-Secretary of the SACP. 28-June-1942 10-April-1993
Hanise Vuyisile
Hanise Vuyisile
Hans Nicolas 1941 30 May 1967
Hansie Vuyisile
Harber Anton

A Journolist

Harber Eric

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA)and SANROC.

Harmel Barbara
Harmel Ray

A member of the CPSA and the ANC.

Harmel Michael

Intellectual and revolutionary. Member of the SACP and  MK’s High Command.

07-February-1915 18-June-1974
Harmel (nee Adler) Ray

Revolutionary, trade unionist and SACP member

Harold Matsididi
Haron Abdullah Muslim cleric, killed in police detention 08-February-1924 27-September-1969
Harrington Mpondwana
Harrington Bikitsha
Harris Ronald 16-September-1976
Harris Frederick

Teacher, a member of the executive committee of the Liberal Party in the Transvaal, as well as a chairman of the South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee. 

04-July-1937 01-April-1965
Harris Mkalipi
Harrison Wilfred

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa

Harry Mathebe
Harry Loggenberg
Hart Maxine

A member of the African National Congress, also detained but given a suspended sentence.

Hartman David

Documentary photographer and member of Afrapix photographic collective

Hartwell Dulcie
Hartzenberg Randolph 1948
Hashe Govan
Hashe Sipho

Brutaly murdered by Police

Hashe Sipho

Member of ANC, MK and PEBCO, Robben Island prisoner, General Secretary of PEBCO, member of UDF, one of the ‘PEBCO Three’

1934 May 1985
Hashe Viola

Labour activist, first women leader of SACWU and vice-president of SACTU

1926 1977
Hashe Joseph
Hashe Wilson
Hassan Kay


Hassim Enver

Lawyer, member of the Non European Unity Movement, Progressive Forum, the Coloured Peoples Congress, Africa Peoples Democratic Union of Southern Africa (APDUSA), and the Society of Young Africa

Hassim Goolam
Hassim Kader
Hassim Abdool

Lawyer, freedom fighter, founding member of APDUSA and Robben Island prisoner

10-November-1934 10-November-2011
Hathorn Michael

Medical doctor and political activist, detained in Durban without trial in 1960 and moved to London in 1965

Hattingh Marthinus


03- August-1964
Haufiku Nghidipo
Hayes Stephen
Hazell Amy Beatrice


1864 1946
Head Harold

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), banned by the apartheid government.

Head Bessie

Teacher, author and journalist

06-July-1937 17-April-1986
Headman Sikisana
Heard George

Political journalist

Hector Mnikina
Heleni Tembisile
Heleni Thozamile
Hellman Ellen

Social anthropologist, academic, member of the SAIRR and the Progressive Party

25 August 1908 06-November-1982
Helm Charles

Missionary of London Missionary Society; Spent years doing missionary work at Hope Fountain, Bulawayo; King Lobengula’s interpreter and adviser, thought to be the man behind the origins of the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog.

Hempe Ngcola
Hemson David

Lawyer, trade union and labour activist.

18 July 1945
Henda Agrippus
Hendrick Molefe
Hendricks Gordon
Hendricks Titus
Hendricks Hanana
Hendricks Ronald
Hendricks Bobby

Saxophone player known as the “King of Langarm”, a popular form of South African Coloured dance music

07-February-1936 07-March-1999
Hendrickse Helenard

Politician and former Labour Party leader

22-October-1927 16-March-2005
Hendrik Plaatjies
Hendriks Gordon
Hengula Ruben
Hengula Ruben
Henne Zingisile 18-April-1991
Henry Baartman
Henry Conjwa
Henry Fazzie
Hepple Bob

Revonia Trialist and Lawyer

11-August-1934 21-August-2015
Hepple Meriam
Hepple Alex

Trade unionist, socialist, member of the anti-fascist movement, Member of the Transvaal Provincial Parliament, founder and Chairman of the Treason Trial Defence Fund and Chairman of the South African Defence and Aid Fund, writer and author.

28-August-1904 16-November-1983
Herbert Jakavula
Herbert Bhoya
Herbert Ndzongeni
Herbstein Moritz

South African writer, engineer and anti-apartheid activist

Hermanus Jim
Hertzog James

Lawyer, judge and South African Prime Minister

6 April 1866 21 November 1942
Hewitt Rob Anthony John (Bob)

fhampion SA Tennis player

12 January 1940
Hewu Plaatjie
Hewukile Andile
Heyman Anne

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA), the South African Communist Party (SACP) and South African Congress of Democrats (COD)

16-June-1961 31-January-2014
Heyman Issie

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) and the South African Communist Party (SACP)

Heyman Isaac
Heymann Issy

A member of South African Communist Party (SACP), executive member of the Native Trade Assistance Union, the Jewish Workers Club, Springbok Legion and the Congress of Democrats, South Africa's first 180 day prisoner, political prisoner  

24 December 1910 1989
Heynes Edward
Heyns Penny

South African swimmer

8 November 1974
Higgs Denis

A member of the African Resistance Movement (ARM).

Hill Jean

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), banned by the apartheid government.

Hill Ken

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), banned by the apartheid government.

Hilton-Barber Steve

Photographer, member of Afrapix.

1962 23-May-2002
Hina Sipho
Hina Nosiza
Hina Sipo
Hirson Bertram
Hirson Baruch

 Historian, editor, member of the COD, NCL and ARM, a political activist, exiled person, physics lecturer

10 December 1921 3 October 1999
Hishongwa Ndeutala

Ndeutala Hishongwa is an author and scholar and was active in the liberation struggle through SWAPO.

Hitchins Laura
Hjul Peter

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), banned by the apartheid government.

Hlale Moses
Hlale Moses
Hlamandana Vincent

Banished person.

Hlamandana Mhlabuvelile

Banished person.

Hlamandane Mhlabuvelile
Hlanyane Jeremiah 21-March-1960
Hlanyare Sephiri
Hlapane Bartholomew

Member of the ANC and SACP, state witness in many political trials

24-August-1918 16-December-1982
Hlapo Johannes
Hlati Nkosinathi
Hlatshqayo Machocho
Hlatshwayo Nelco
Hlatshwayo Themba
Hlatshwayo Joyce 26-December-1976
Hlatshwayo Cyprian 11-November-1987
Hlatswayo Hlatswayo
Hlatswayo Joseph
Hlatywayo John


Hlekani Stanford
Hlekani Stanford
Hlekani Gandi 26-March-1968
Hlekani John
Hlekani Stanford
Hlekiso Julayi 11 June 1992
Hliso Thozamile
Hlobo Wandile 00/00/86
Hlobo Nicholas


Hlobo Mziwoxolo

UNITA ambushes

Hlokwane N.C. 26-December-1976
Hlomuka Robert December 1993
Hlongwa Christopher
Hlongwa Siza
Hlongwa Simon
Hlongwana David

artist, educator 

Hlongwane B.
Hlongwane Nelson
Hlongwane David
Hlongwane Mhlupeki

Banished person.

15 February 1961
Hlongwane Johannes 12-December-1976
Hlongwane Petros 25-July-1976
Hlongwani Vuyani
Hlongwe Mcenjulwa 1904 21 March 1962
Hlonyane Esrom
Hloyi Goliyati
Hlphe Joseph
Hlubi Mark
Hlungwane Jackson


1923 20-January-2010
Hobe Charles
Hobhouse Emily

British welfare campaigner who is primarily remembered for her work related to British concentration camps in South Africa.

09-April-1860 08-June-1926
Hobo Titi
Hobo Titi
Hobulongwe Headman
Hodgins Robert

South African painter

27-June-1920 15-March-2010
Hodgkiss John


25 September 1966 15 March 2012
Hodgson Spenser

An architect

Hodgson Rica

A member of South African Congress of Democrats (COD), and the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA)

01-July-1920 11-January-2018
Hodgson Jach
Hodgson Percy

Political activist, Member of the South African Communist Party (SACP) .

17-August-1910 03-December-1977
Hodi Franz


Hoffenberg Raymond

Medical specialist, professor, author, member of the Liberal Party, Chair of the Advisory Committee to the National Union of South African Students, Chairperson of the Defence and Aid Fund, banned person, exile, internationally renowned clinical endocr

16 March 1923 22 April 2007
Hoffsani Chamusso
Hofmeyr William 22 November 1954
Hofmeyr Jan

Afrikaner cultural activist

1845 1909
Hogan Barbara

Member of the ANC, Political prisoner, Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister. 

Hoho Qonda 1956 11-November-1988
Hoho Acacia
Hoho Qondo 00/00/88
Hoko Madoda
Holiday Billie 11/11/88
Holiday Jinta
Holiday Anthony

A member of the South African Communist Party (SACP), Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) and the African National Congress (ANC). Detained for seven years.

Holiday Anthony

Journalist, imprisoned for underground politcal activities

Holland Dutch

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA)

Holland Nita

A member of South African Communist Party (SACP) and South African Congress of Democrats (COD)

Holland Heidi

Journalist and author

06-October-1947 11-August-2012
Holland Sarah

Awarded the Order of Mendi for Bravery in Silver for providing shelter to orphaned children and sacrificing her own life to save the lives of the children in her care.

11 April 1952 9 February 2010
Hollander Oscar


02-November-1864 September-1977
Holmes Tim

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA).

Holo Patrick

South African linocut artist and teacher

Holomisa Phathekile

Chief of the AmaGebe Tribe. Chair of the Joint Constitutional Review Committee. He is President of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa. Holomisa is a member of the Unitra Council in the Eastern Cape.

16 August 1959
Holomisa Bantubonke (Bantu)

Major General (retired) of the Transkei Defence Force, Chairman of the Military Council of Transkei, leader of the Transkei delegation to CODESA, Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism of South Africa, co-founder of the United Democratic Movement (

Homane Sajini
Honeyville Sikweyiya
Honono Nathaniel

Educator, businessman and political activist. member of AAC, CATA and TLSA

21-October-1908 31-December-1986
Hoogaardt Spasiena 09-September-1976
Hoogendyk Jacqueline

A member of the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the South African Congress of Democrats (COD)

Hoogendyk Jan
Hoogendyk Jan Hendrik Hofmeyer

Member of the Springbok Legion and Congress of Democrats (CoD), accused in the Treason Trial of 1956.

1911 12 February 1990
Hope Rosa

Artist (print-making), Lecturer and member of the South African Society of Artists

08-June-1902 07-May-1972
Horn Peter 7 December 1934 23 July 2019
Horn Pat

Trade unionist and interntiona co-ordinator of StreetNet

Horvitch Isaac "Ike"

Architect, anti-apartheid activist, member of the SACP, Treason trialist

9 October 1920 28 December 2005
Horvitch Mitzi

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA)

Horvitch Isaac Osier

Member of the CPSA, architect, 1956 Treason trialist

Hoseham Cere
Hosey Sean

A member of the Young Communist League (YCL), based in the United Kingdom.

Hosia Mokone
Howa Hassan

Prominent activist in the struggle against racial segregation in competitive sports during apartheid

09-August-1922 12-February-1992
Howard Marawu
Howes Dulcie

Teacher and First South African Professional ballet dancer

31-December-1908 19-March-1993
Hoye Pongoloshe 09-May-1965
Hoyi Cekiso
Hrusa Jon Award Winning Photographer, Photojournalist 24 October 1965 19 December 2011
Hubhuli Gasuebe
Huddleston Trevor

Anglican priest, author, one of the first recipients of the Isitwalandwe/Seaparankoe Award, Chair of the Trustees of the International Defenc

15 June 1913 20 April 1998
Huguenet Andre

ffrikaans actor, producer, manager and writer.

22 October 1906 15 June 1961                  
Huna Bernard
Huna Mathews
Huna Mathews
Huna Bernard
Hunter Roland
Hunter Roland
Hurbans Gopallal

Sugar farmer, Vice President of the NIC 

Hurbert Mnyani
Hurley Dennis

A catholic Archbishop

Hurzuk Abdurahman
Huss Bernhard Alexander CMM

Missionary and social reformer

Hutchings Mike 1963
Hutchinson Alfred "Tough"

Teacher, author, 1956 Treason trialist, member of the ANC.

1924 14-October-1972
Hutton Dean

Photographer, performance artist and activist

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