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Last name First name Synopsis Date of birth Date of death
R.b.nyangeni 20-December-1986
Rabb R
Rabb R.
Rabilal Krishna Community worker, revolutionary, soldier, martyr, member of the Natal Indian Congress, African National Congress and uMkhonto weSizwe, assassinated by the South African Defence Force in Mozambique 6 November 1952 30 January 1981
Rabilall Krishna
Rabkin David

Sub-editor,members of the ANC and SACP, charged with Terrorism and Internal Security Act and was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment in Pretoria Local Prison

Rabkin Gerald
Raboroko Peter Nkutsoeu

President of the Transvaal African Students' Association and member of the ANC   Youth League, he helped both to draw up the League's constitution, Vice-President of the Transvaal African Teachers' Association, joined the PAC, Secretary

Rabuli Cedrick
Rachidi Kenneth

President of BPC, and Transvaal Vice – President of AZAPO

Ractliffe Jo 09-March-1961
Radebe Mzwandile 14-August-1986
Radebe Ebrahim ?
Radebe Thendwefika 11/11/88
Radebe Jeffrey

Robben Island prisoner, exile person, Chairperson, Southern Natal Region of the ANC, member of the SACP and MK , Secretary of the Interim Lea

Radebe Jeremiah
Radebe John 26.12.76
Radebe Mpikeleli 26.12.76
Radebe Phenius 21.8.76
Radebe Sisie 26.12.76
Radebe Wilson 26.12.76
Radebe Jabu
Radebe Moses
Radebe Gaur

Political activist, member of the CPSA and the ANC, founder of the African Mineworkers' Union, later became the Chairman of the PAC branch in Evaton, chief PAC representative in Dar-es-Salaam and Assistant PAC representative in Zambia

Radebe Lucas

International soccer player

Radford Betty

Editor of the Guardian newspaper, she was elected to the Cape Town City Council in 1943.

Raditlalo Charles 26.12.76
Raditlhalo Alfred 26.12.76
Raditsela Andries

Activist, trade unionist, member of the Chemical Workers’ Industrial Union (CWIU) and Vice President of the FOSATU.

1956 06-May-1985
Rafiq Rohan
Rahim S.
Rajab Habib Mohamed (A.M.)

frader, collector of oriental art

17 July 1915 7 October 1973
Rajbansi Amichand

An artist, the former Chairman of the House of Delegates Tricameral parliamentary chamber for Indian people, Minister without Portfolio and leader of the Minority Front.

14-January-1942, 29-December-2011
Rajgopaul Jeevenundhan

Photographer, Afrapix Member

26 November 1952
Rajoo Moodley
Rajuili Benjamin S.

Minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Dube township, member of the Progressive Party Provincial Executive Committee in the Transvaal, chairman of the opposition 

Rakgoathe Daniel


25-February-1937 2004
Rakubu Thabo 07-August-1981
Ralunce Mbozi
Ramafoku George

Banished person

18 December 1970
Ramahuta Billy
Ramakoa Ephraim
Ramalepe Ngwako 18-October-1985
Ramaphosa Cyril

Chairman of the Student Christian Movement, member of SASO and BPC, former Secretary-General of the ANC, first secretary National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), chairman of the National Reception committee, which co-ordinated arrangeme. Ramaphosa was elected unopposed as President of South Africa by the National Assembly on 15 February 2018.

Ramaro Frans

Banished person

Ramasaka Legoabe
Ramashamola Theresa
Ramatlhodi Ngoako Abel

Political activist, Lawyer, head of the Regional Politico-Military Committee (RPMC) of the ANC in Zimbabwe, former Premier

21 August 1955
Rambally Ashlatha

Anti-apartheid activist, feminist, member of SASO, the BCM, the BPC, and AZAPO, banned for three years

Ramego Amos
Ramgobin Mewa

President of the Natal Indian Congress, Student leader active in NUSAS, President of the then ‘non-European’ SRC at Natal University,  banned person, Treasurer of the United Democratic Front former National Vice President of the Congress of South African Writers and Author

10-November-1932 17-October-2016
Ramlakan Vejaynand ‘Vejay’

President of the Medical Students Representative Council at University of Natal (now University of KwaZulu-Natal), member of uMkhonto weSizwe and the African National Congress, a founding member of the United Democratic Front, involved in MK Operation Butterfly, political prisoner, member of the Central Political Education Committee on Robben Island, Medical Commander for the President Mandela Guard, Deputy Chief of MK Health Service, Surgeon General of the SANDF  

1957 27 August 2020
Rammutle Thabo 07-October-1986
Ramogopa Schoeman 11/11/83
Ramohanoe C. S.

Provincial President of the Transvaal ANC, organiser of the National Anti-Pass campaign, member of the ANC's Council of Action, charged with planning the implementation of the Programme of Action

Ramohloa Anna 21-March-1960
Ramokgadi Mfoloe

banished person

Ramokgopa Douglas

Banished person

Ramokoena Jacob 21-March-1960
Ramopudu Joshua

Banished person.

Ramotse Benjamin
Rampela Joe
Ramphele Mamphela

banned person, political prisoner, Member of SASO, BPC and BCP, medical doctor, academic, anthropologist, Vice Chancellor of UCT, Managing Director at the World Bank, Director of Companies, Business woman, author

Ramsdale Eddie
Ramudzuli George 11-November-1984
Ramusi Selaelo 14 November 1954 11 November 1979
Randeria Shapurji

Bookkeeper, business person, political prisoner

1880 September 1945
Rangel Ricardo

photographer, photojournalist

15-February-1924 11-June-2009
Ranoto Morris

Banished person.

7 November 1970
Ranta Mary

Trade unionist and shop steward for the Garment Workers’ Union, elected to the Transvaal executive of the African National Congress Women's League in 1954, and in 1955 became the League’s national secretary. She was also on the executi

Rantao Christinah 13-December-1989
Rantau Christopher
Ranthethi G
Rantla Zandile
Rantokoana Humphrey
Rantokoana Jackson
Rantuba Ralekeke

Banished person

Ranyaoa Kanyamane
Rasego Lefu December 1985
Rasetshu Elias
Rasmen Jeremiah 26.12.76
Rasmeni Hurwitz 26.12.76
Rasool Ebrahim

Teacher, Assistant to the Rector of the University of the Western Cape, Provincial Secretary of the (UDF), National Secretary of the Call of Islam, Provincial Treasurer of the ANC and Member of the Executive Council of Western Cape Legislature

15 July 1962
Rathebe Dolly


02-April-1928 16-September-2004
Ratsilane Amos 04-October-1984
Ratsoma Modikane
Rau Benegal Rama

fgent-General 1938-1941.

1889 ?
Rawula Phumzile
Raymond Hlatshwayo
Rayne Leonard (born name William Hannay Watts Cowie) *1870 19 June 1925
Reddy Enuga An activist in the South African freedom movement, Director of the United Nations (UN) Centre against Apartheid, author, recipient of the Joliot-Curie Medal of the World Peace Council, Senior Fellow of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (1985-1993), a member of the Council of Trustees of the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (1986-1992), received the Companion of O. R. Tambo, national award from the South African Government in 2012 1 July 1924 1 November 2020
Reddy Govindasamy (Govin) Political activist, political prisoner, banned person, exile, teacher, involved in the revival of the Natal Indian Congress (NIC) and the formation of the Committee for the Clemency for Political Prisoners, calling for the release of Nelson Mandela and political prisoners, publisher of Africa South magazine, CEO of the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ), CEO of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Radio, chief executive officer of the Mail & Guardian, Director Sol Plaatje Media Leadership Institute at Rhodes University, Professor Extraordinaire in the journalism department of Stellenbosch University. He served on many advisory and media-monitoring committees as well as serving as a Member of the Council at the University of South Africa (UNISA), representative of the International Marketing Council of South Africa (later Brand South Africa), based in Mumbai, India and director on the Board of the National Lotteries Commission (NLC). 16 June 1943 October 2017
Reeves Ambrose

An Anglican Bishop

1899 1980
Reitz Francis

Journalist, Advocate, President of the Orange Free State Appeal Court. President of the Orange Free State

05-October-1844 27-March-1934
Resha Magdaline "Maggie"

Nurse, Member of the ANC and office-bearer, National Executive Committee member of the Federation of South African Women, organizer of protest marches, General Secretary of the All-Africa Women's Conference, and Deputy Chairperson of the Women's League

05-May-1923 September 2003
Resha Robert M.

Journalist and sports editor, member of the ANCYL and the ANC National Executive, Treason trialist, exiled person.

09-March-1920 07-December-1973
Resha Maggie

Member of the ANC and office-bearer, National Executive Committee member of the Federation of South African Women, organizer of protest marches, General Secretary of the All-Africa Women's Conference, and Deputy Chairperson of the Women's League London branch.

5 May 1923 September 2003
Rewu Lungile 1969 29 March 1988
Rhodes Cecil John

A British Businessman in South Africa, Member of Parliament in the Cape Colony, Prime Minister of the Cape Colony, imperialist, acquired a British Royal Charter, formed the British South African Company (BSAC) that colonized Zimbabwe.

5 July 1853 26 March 1902
Rhodes Jonathan

Former South African Test and One Day International cricketer

Rhoodie Eschel

Author and key player in the 1978-79 Information Scandal

11-July-1933 17-July-1993
Ribeiro Florence

Community worker. 

03-November-1933 01-December-1986
Ribeiro Fabian

Medical doctor.

19-June-1933 01-December-1986
Rice Clive

Former South African cricket captain

23-July-1949 28-July-2015
Richards Barry

Internationally acclaimed cricketer

Rikhotso Philip 1945
Risto Nakangala
Rive Richard

South African author, writer for Drum magazine in the 1950s, literary critic and teacher

01-March-1931 04-June-1989
Rivers Frank August-1984
Rivers Frank 1931 14 August 1984
Robb Nöel

School teacher and Honorary Life President of the Black Sash. 

25-December-1913 26-January-2009
Robert Maliti
Robert Ndlanzi
Robert Siya
Roberts Frederick Sleigh 30 September 1832 14 November 1914
Roberts John
Robertson Ian
Robertson Sheila

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA). Detained in 1964.

Robinson George Crosland 1858 1930
Robinson Paul


1908 1970
Robinson Cynthia
Rodda Peter

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA) and the South African Congress of Democrats (COD)

Roge Alli
Rogier Jean Marius c. 1852 1928
Rooha Variava 16 December 1958
Roome John


Roos Tielman Johannes

Advocate, Politician 

8 May 1879 28 March 1935
Rosenburg Issy
Rosier Hymie

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA)and the Springbok Legion

Rosier Celisa

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) and the Springbok Legion.

Ross F.B.
Routh Guy


Roux Edward "Eddie"

Botanist, founder member of the Young Communist League, member of the CPSA,editor of Umsebenzi, the Communist Party weekly, later a member of the Liberal Party

24-April-1903 02-March-1966
Roux Francois

Artist and Lecturer 

1927 22 April 2013
Roworth Edward

SA landscape painter

21-June-1880 1963
Roworth Ivanonia 1920
Royeppen Joseph

Barrister - member of the Transvaal Indian Congress and the South African Indian Congress

Rubin Harold

South African artist, teacher, jazz musician and architect

Rubin Leslie Lawyer, anti-apartheid activist, member of the War Veterans’ Torch Commando, founder member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA) 5 August 1909 31 March 2002
Rubin Leslie

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA).

Rubin Neville

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA). Detained in 1964.

Rubusana Walter

Minister of the Congregational Church, President of the South African Native Convention, he led a deputation to London to protest the Native Land Act of 1913, first African ever to be elected to serve as a member of the Cape Provincial Council, Vice-President of the ANC,teacher, writer.

21 February 1858 17 April 1936
Rudin Jeff
Ruiters Kevin 22-December-1989
Rupert Anton

Entrepreneur, businessman and conservationist

4 October 1916 18 January 2006
Russell David

Born in the late 1930s, Bishop David Patrick Russell became involved in the struggle against apartheid from an early age. He did his first degree at the University of Cape Town, and then studied for a Masters Degree at Oxford University. He trained for the priesthood at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, England, and later obtained his PhD in Religious Studies (specialising in Christian Ethics) from the University of Cape Town. In 1965 he was ordained as the 12th Bishop of Grahamstown.

1930s 17 August 2014
Rustomjee Parsee
Rustomjee Sorabjee

Passive resister, political prisoner, President of the Natal Indian Congress, Vice President of the Transvaal Indian Congress and member of Council of the South African Indian Congress.

25 December 1895 22 February 1960
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