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Last name First name Synopsis Date of birth Date of death
Naboth Imeme
Nabuka Ambrose 26.12.76
Naicker Mariemuthoo Pragarlathan 1920
Naicker Marimuthu

Political leader, journalist, editor and an organiser for the Natal Indian Congress, the Communist Party and the Congress Alliance, accused in the 1956 Treason Trial, editor of Sechaba

1920 1977
Naicker Gangathura (Monty)

Medical doctor, co-founder and first chairperson of the Anti-Segregation Council, President of the NIC

30 September 1910 12 January 1978
Naicker Ganesan
Naicker George Trade unionist, member of the NIC, SACP, MK and ANC, Assistant Secretary of the Natal Indian Farmers Union, accused in the Natal Sabotage Trial in 1964, Robben Island prisoner, in charge of the ANC farm at Chongella, Zambia, Assistant Treasurer of the ANC 01-June-1919 08-April-1998
Naicker Narainsamy Thumbi

General Secretary of the Natal Indian Congress and of the SAIC. He was a defendant in the 1956 Treason Trial

4 April 1922 19 January 2003
Naidoo Surendra 06-August-1988
Naidoo R.
Naidoo Mithrasagaran


political activist, political prisoner, banned person, listed as a Communist, member of the Parents of Detainees Committee.

Naidoo Premanathan


Political activist, political prisoner, member of the Transvaal Indian Youth Congress, founder of the Human Rights Committee, Assistant Secretary of the Transvaal Anti-South African Indian Council, Mayor of the South-Western Substructure

Naidoo Kuben

Political activist, political prisoner, member of Lenasia Students’ Union.

Naidoo H. A.

Trade unionist, member of the national council of Non-European United Front, member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party, radio journalist

1915 1971
Naidoo Jayaseelen

Political and labour activist and former Minister for Posts and Broadcasting.

20 December 1954
Naidoo Phyllis

Teacher, lawyer, university lecturer, author, member of the NEUM, NIC, SACP, ANC and MK, Recipient of the Order Of Luthuli In Silver for her outstanding contribution to Human Rights and the struggle against Apartheid

05-January-1928 13-February-2013
Naidoo Shanthivathie

Political activist, banned person, political prisoner, member of the Transvaal Indian Youth Congress, Federation of South African Women

Naidoo C.K. Thambi

Important figure in the history of Satyagraha (passive resistance) in South Africa, member of the Executive of the Transvaal British Indian Association, led some 300 resisters across the Transvaal border in defiance of discriminatory laws against India

c. 1860 c. 1930
Naidoo Indrasena 28-August-1936 08-January-2016
Naidoo Veerammal

Political prisoner, took part in passive resistance.

Naidoo Morgan

President of South African Council on Sport (SACOS), President South African Amateur Swimming Federation, insurance agent.

28-May-1936 20-October-1988
Naidoo Steve
Naidoo Manonmoney "Ama"

Political activist, political prisoner, imprisoned  during  the Indian Passive Resistance Campaign and the 1952 Campaign of Defiance against Unjust Laws, Vice-President  of the TIC, execu

30-November-1908 25-December-1993
Naidoo Balakrishna
Naidoo Lennie
Naidoo Sahdhan
Naidoo Thambi

Trade unionist, participated in the 1952 Defiance Campaign, Vice-President of the Transvaal Indian Congress, member of the South African Communist Party, political prisoner, Non-European United Front, Chairman of the Transvaal Peace Council, Vice-Presi

1901 1953
Naidoo Pauline

A member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA)

Naidoo Kesaveloo

Medical doctor, Vice President of the Natal Indian Congress and a pioneer in women's resistance

1906 1999
Naidoo Mooroogiah
Naidoo P.
Naidoo S.
Naidoo Coopoosamy

Political prisoner, took part in passive resistance and miners’ strike of 1913.

Naidoo Barasarthi

 Treasurer of the Transvaal Indian Congress, banned person. 

22 December 1903 September 1980
Naidu Kurma Raj Bahadur Venkata Reddi

fgent 1929 - 1932.
A South Indian, Reddi\'s main political base was Madras. He seems to have had a varied education, attending the Arts College in Rajahmundry , the Madras Christian College , the Madras Law College and the Madras University . Before jo

1878 1959
Nailde Hugo Pieter 1869 1941
Nair Billy

Activist, Trade Unionist, Treason Trialist, Political Prisoner and later Member of Parliament.

27-November-1929 23- October-2008
Nair Elsie

Member of the Progressive Garment Workers’ Union

1927 27 January 2011
Nakasa Ndazana

Journalist and author

12 May 1937 14 July 1965
Nakedi Lefu September 1988
Nakene Godfrey 24 June 1908 January 1983
Naki Hamilton

Self-taught medical assisant 

1930 29 May 2005
Nala Nesta

Award-winning South African Zulu potter

1940 2005
Nala Borne
Nala Linda

Labour activist and lecturer

Nambinga Nehabeni
Namtu Kitchini
Nana S. M. 1906 1944
Nanabhai Shirish
Nanabhai Shirish Freedom fighter, uMkhonto WeSizwe (MK) veteran, executive of the Transvaal Indian Youth Congress (TIYC)
Nanackchand Vedant


Nangolo Illongwa
Nangolo Fillemon 1952 30 May 1977
Nangu Billy
Nanjango Betuel
Nankudha Johannes
Nannin Billy
Naphtali Manana
Napoleon Letsoko
Nare Michael 31.12.76
Narsee Hersheela

Activist, Teacher, Director: Research coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation at Department of Basic Education. 

Nash Margaret

Member of the National Executive Committee of the  Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), Black Sash, South African Council of Churches and Christian Institute and an activist in the Anglican Church, Feminist, anti-apartheid activist and

01-March-1929 02-August-2011
Nathale Nimrod

Clerk, teacher, workers’ leader, treason trialist, banished person, member of the ANC, SACTU, SACP and PAC.

8 August 1920 27 May 2004
Nathan Laurence

author, editor, conscientious objector, President of National Union of South African Students, national organiser of the End Conscription Campaign, consultant for the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa

Nathie Suliman (Solly) Mahomed

A businessperson, played an active role in the Evaton bus boycott of 1955 to 1956. He had earlier been jailed for participation in the 1946 Indian Passive Resistance Campaign. Branch chairman of the Transvaal Indian Congress in Evaton, and was an accus

1918 1979
Nati Grootboom
Nato Nzo
Natuarlal Babenia
Naude Ilse

Member of the Dutch Reformed Church, Wife of Beyers Naude

1913 31 December 2011
Naude Hugo Pieter 1869 1941
Naudé Beyers

Youngest member of the Broederbond, Minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, moderator of the Southern Transvaal DRC synod, founder member and Director of the Christian Institute and editor of the Christian Institute's publication Pro Veri

10 May 1915
Ncaba Faku
Ncakeni Vivienne

Teacher and member of the Transvaal African Teachers' Association and the African National Congress Youth League

Nchabeleng Peter (Petrus)

President of the Northern Transvaal region of the UDF, Robben Island prisoner. He died in detention 

Nchabeleng Elleck
Nchabeleng Mashilo

Banished person.

Nchaupe Benjamin 21-March-1960
Ncube Bernard

Member of the Companions Catholic Order, helped form local women’s organisations in the Transvaal region and in 1984 was elected president of the Federation of Transvaal Women (FEDTRAW).

09-March-1932 31-August-2012
Ncube Gibson 5 April 1987
Ncube Linda
Ncube Daniel 26.12.76
Ncwana Samuel
Ndaba Soli 11-November-1986
Ndaba Lennox
Ndaba Jabulani 11-November-1988
Ndabazovuyo Mkalipi
Ndabe Solly
Ndabeni Nontembiso
Ndabeni Joseph
Ndabezitha Madhlangala

Teacher, founding member of the South African Native National Congress, member of the SANNC delegation to England in 1914 to inform the British public on The Native Land Act of 1913

19-July-1879 08-February-1958
Ndabezitha Nomadhlangala

Teacher, nurse, midwife, Nursing Clinical Instructor, First Language Professionalat PanSALB, established and managed PanSALB structures, namely, the nine Provincial Language Committees (PLCs), the Eleven National Language Bodies (NLBs) and was part of

22 September 1953
Ndamase 11/11/88
Ndau Herbert 26.12.76
Ndebele Sipho
Ndebele Allina


10 December 1939
Ndebele Lucky
Ndebele Zuzele 26.12.76
Ndebele Njabulo

Leading author and cultural activist and former Vice-Chancellor and Principal of a number of universities.

4 July 1948
Ndekazi Sonwabo 11-November-1987
Ndesi Sandile
Ndhlovu Jeannette

Member of the ANC and MK. She was responsible for recruiting and transporting students to Swaziland to join the ANC and Umkhonto We Sizwe (MK), member of the Observer Mission of the ANC to the United Nations in 1987 until her departure f

Ndibongo Michael 26.12.76
Ndiko Maeoli
Ndimba Thembile

Active in politics in 1937 during the mass removal of the people from the African township of Korsten

Ndlangisa Samuel
Ndlela Nhlanhla
Ndlela Hector 26.12.76
Ndlela Matilda 24 January 1993
Ndlovu Moses

Labour activist, member of the ANC. 

19 June 1944 6 May 2004
Ndlovu Maria

Maria Ndlovu is a mother of two, a rape survivor, a PWA (person living with AIDS) and a GIPA (UN Programme for the Greater Involvement for People Living with AIDS) fieldworker based at Transnet headquarters in 

Ndlovu Samuel 2 Sept. 1987
Ndlovu Hastings 2 February 1961 16 June 1976
Ndlovu Brenda
Ndlovu George
Ndlovu Goodwin
Ndlovu John
Ndlovu Joseph
Ndlovu Monde
Ndlovu H.J. 26.12.76
Ndlovu Jimmy 26.12.76
Ndlovu Obed 26.12.76
Ndlovu Tejibe June/July 1993
Ndlovu Sazi
Ndlovu Curnick

Trade unionist, Political prisoner, member of the ANC and uMkhonto we Sizwe, National Secretary of SACTU, National Chairperson of the UDF and Member of Parliament.

1932 22-May-2002
Ndluvu Mbuyiseli
Ndobe Bransby

Organised ANC branches between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and Coloured farm workers. A member of the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union  and also of the CPSA 

Ndolomzi Mdlalana
Ndondo Batandwa 24-September-1985
Ndondo Bathandwa

Member of the Student Representatives Council at UNITRA, member of the Catholic Student Association, shot and killed by members of the Transkei Security police and askaris

Ndongeni Daniel 1934 23 February 1965
Ndou Herber 26.12.76
Ndoyolo Richard
Nduku Knox
Nduna Nomsa 6 March 1988
Nduna Eric
Nduna Sifanelo 11.8.76
Ndungane James
Ndwalane Amos
Ndwandwe Phila

MK commander, murdered by South African Security Police members

Ndwane Lungile
Ndwashlana Duduzile
Ndyivana Nxama
Ndyogolo Mzuzwana November 1988
Ndzandze Loyiso 18-August-1985
Ndzanga Lawrence 08-November-1977
Ndzanga Rita

Secretary of the Railway Workers Union, banned person

Ndzanga Lawrence 08-January-1977
Ndzingwe Paul 11-November-1986
Ndzumo Saul 10-September-1980
Ndzuza Sthembiso 06-November-1984
Neala Nokuzolo 17 May 1991
Neame Sylvia Anti-apartheid activist, member of the Liberal Party (LP), the Congress of Democrats (COD), and the South African Communist Party (SACP), one of the accused in the Bram Fischer Trial, author, historian 1937
Neethling Lothar

Deputy Chief Commissioner of Police and Scientist

29 August 1935 11 July 2005
Nefolovhodwe Pandelani

SASO President, teacher, trade unionist, AZAPO president and deputy president and Member of Parliament.  

Neil Ross

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA)

Nelani Stenley
Nelson Nkurmane
Nelson Nama
Nelson Diale
Nembane David 01-June-1986
Nembula John

First Black Physician in Southern Africa

1 July 1860 30 January 1897
Nene Thami 5 November 1990
Nene Thokozani

For his outstanding contribution in enriching the isiZulu language and culture, and revolutionary invention of a new lexicon in isiZulu, Dr Nene was awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in Bronze

19 September 1944 19 September 2008
Nene Mangisi Pheneas

African National Congress branch chairman in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg in the 1950s and one of the accused in the 1956 Treason Trial. Proprietor of a general dealer's store in Alexandra, and in the 1950s he led a group called the Alexa

Mangisi Pheneas Nene 1918
Nengeni/Negeni Gaga,
Nengwekhulu Harry

Founder member and SASO permanent organizer, Turfloop SRC president, IUEF representative in Botswana, Acting Superintendent-general of the Eastern Cape department of education.

Nephlali Sidzamba
Nesser Michiel

First Afrikaans novelist

28 July 1874 22 July 1932
Netjies Mgengwana
Newall Albert Photographer, Painter, Sculptor 1920 1989
Newton-Thompson Helen

A member of the Black Sash

Ngaba Wellington 26.12.76
Ngabi Joseph 11.8.76
Ngakane Barney William

Chairman of a Liberal Party branch in the early 1960s. In December 1960 he acted as chairman at the consultative conference of African leaders held in Johannesburg. A field secretary for the Institute of Race Relations and  worked for the Christia

Ngalo Mary Women’s rights activist, anti-apartheid activist, member of the ANCYL, ANCWL, FEDSAW, and AAPSO, founding member of the ANC Women’s Section in Tanzania, involved in 1957 Beerhall Boycott and the 1956 Women’s March 16 March 1973
Ngalo Johannes 15-July-1984
Ngalo Ben
Ngalo Nkosinam 1936 07-February-1963
Ngantweni Jim 1941 31 October 1967
Ngase Zweni
Ngase Zweni
Ngasi Kholisile
Ngatane Ephraim

South African artist and musician

1938 1971
Ngcayiya Henry

Teacher, interpreter, church leader and politician.

16-October-1863 1928
Ngcobo Eric

Painter and sculptor

1933 1987
Ngcobo Lauretta

Feminist writer and activist

1931 2015
Ngcobo Sandile

Activist and lawyer, later Chief Justice (Constitutional Court judge)

1 March 1953
Ngcobo Selby Bangani

Teacher and saddler, British Commonwealth Fellow at London University, which in 1964 awarded him a PhD in economics.

Ngcobo Ezrom
Ngcobo Solly
Ngcobo Steven
Ngcobo Abednego Bhekabantu

Trade unionist, President of the non-European Students' Representative Council at Natal University, Natal Youth League leader, 1956 Treason Trial defendant, and later Treasurer-General of the Pan Africanist Congress and member of th

Ngcobo Howard S.

Active in the Natal African National Congress Youth League in the 1950s, he later became a member of the national executive committee of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) in 1959

1923 1960
Ngcobo Oben 26.12.76
Ngcobo Nhlalayenza 5 December 1992
Ngcongco Rosen
Ngcongolo Bonakele 1935 11-February-1964
Ngcuka Bulelani

Activist, lawyer, National Prosecutor and Head of Scorpions special police unit.

Ngece Elby 15 October 1992
Ngedesha Mongale
Ngele Selby
Ngema Sipho 13 January 1988
Ngema Pascal
Ngemane Morris 26.12.76
Ngendane Selby 4 October 1990
Ngendane Selby

Member of the African National Congress Youth League. Later Secretary for Foreign Affairs for the PAC.

Ngento K
Nginza Dora

first the black women to train and qualify as a nurse in the Eastern Cape, community health worker, Chief

17-October-1891 June 1955
Ngityane Simphiwe
Ngobe Wilson 1914 21 March 1962
Ngobe Charles 11-November-1987
Ngobeni Harry 26.12.76
Ngobeni Johannes 31,12,76
Ngobese Kehla


Ngobese Humphrey
Ngobese Dome 18 July 1992
Ngobese Khela 1960
Ngocobo Ntombikayise

Ntombikayise Priscilla Ngocobo (née Khubeka) lived in KwaMashu and was an MK member. She was abducted and murdered by Port Natal Security Branch members. Her perpetrators applied for amnesty through the TRC but most were denied as they failed to fully disclose what happened to Khubeka. Her body was found in May 1987, through forensic investigation it was found that she was shot and did not die from natural causes as her perpetrators claimed.

1946 1987
Ngojo James D.

Court interpreter in Paarl,   arrested in connection with the "bucket strike" of 1918 but the case was later withdrawn, official of the Cape Congress he attended the 1927 Non-European Conference and served as a member of the African National

Ngoma Tennyson 26.12.76
Ngomane Makomba

Banished person

Ngomane Eric 12-April-1986
Ngomane Gideon
Ngomane Macmillan
Ngomane Gideon
Ngono Mbulelo
Ngono Mbulelo 11/11/88
Ngotyana Greenwood Dumisa

Secretary of the Black Railway and Harbour Workers' Union, member of the Western Cape ANC, Secretary of the Cape Western Advisory Boards and Vigilance Associations, key figure in the parliamentary campaigns of Brian Bunting, Ray Alexander

Ngoyi Edgar

Member of the ANC and President of the Eastern Cape Regional Executive of the UDF.

26-December-1926 31-October-2007
Ngoyi Lilian Politician and anti-apartheid activist, Treason Trialist and President of the African National Congress (ANC) Women's League 25-September-1911 13-March-1980
Ngozi Winston

Jazz artist (saxophonist) 

21 June 1943 13 October 2009
Ngqawana Zimasile

South African musician, flautist and saxophonist

25-December-1959 10-May-2011
Ngqose Daphne 01-June-1983
Ngubane Nkume

Banished person

Ngubane Harriet

Social anthropologist, world-renowned social scientist, author, Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) member of Parliament

1929 2007
Ngubane Mzinto

Banished person.

Ngubane Gubuzela

Banished person

Ngubane Daniel
Ngubane Jones
Ngubane Mazwi
Ngubane Jordan

Assistant editor of Ilanga lase Natal,editor of Inkundla ya Bantu, co-authored  the ANC Youth League Manifesto of 1944, member of the Liberal Party

15 November 1917 17 September 1985
Ngubane Mandla 11-November-1987
Ngubane Baldwin Doctor, teacher, political activist, member of Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and the African National Congress (ANC), recipient of the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun 22 October 1941 12 July 2021
Ngubani Solly 01-June-1986
Ngubene Aaron 26.12.76
Ngubene Vusimuzi 26.12.76
Ngubeni Samuel 20-November-1986
Ngudle Solwandle

Member of the African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist Party (SACP), Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Commander and South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) leader in the Western Cape.

22-May-1922 05-September-1963
Ngwabeni David

Banished person

Ngwansilili Mpoyi
Ngwema Veli
Ngwema Vusumuzi
Ngwendu William

Insurance agent, was active in the 1943 anti-pass campaign and the 1949 Western Areas train boycott

Ngwenya Richard
Ngwenya James
Ngwenya Abel 22-November-1984
Ngwenya Jonathan

Political Activist and APLA combatant

Ngwenya Lindelani
Ngwenya S´kumbumso 9 February 1992
Ngwenya Johannes
Ngwenya Amon 26.12.76
Ngwenya Stanley 17.6.76
Ngwenya Juda


19 October 2016
Ngwevela Johnson

Member of the ANC and the CPSA, in the early 1950s served as a campaign manager for several white left-wing parliamentary candidates

27 July 1987
Ngwevela Nomathamsanqa Xoliswa

Member of the ANC in exile, worked in the ANC Department of International Affairs, on the North American and European Desks. She also worked as the Administrative Secretary of the ANC Women Executive Committee

Ngweyi Michael

Miner, Worker, Marikana Casuality

16 August 2012
Ngxale Sonwabo
Ngxande Mphumzeni

Minor, Worker, Casualty

16 August 2012
Ngxito Cecil
Nhlabatsi Mzwakhe
Nhlanganiso Sibanda
Nhlanhla 11-November-1986
Nhlanhla Joseph (Joe)

Political Activist. Head of the ANC's youth and student headquarters in Tanzania, member of the Constituent Assembly, Deputy Minister of Intelligence Services.

04-December-1936 02-July-2008
Nhlapo Saul

Banished person

6 February 1963
Nhlapo Stanley June 1986
Nhlapo Jacob Mfaniselwa

Educator, journalist, political propagandist and first Black South African with two Doctorates.

1903 25 May 1957
Nhlapo James
Nhlapo Peter 24-December-1986
Nhlapo Molifi
Nhleli Mgwayi
Nhlengethwa Jabulani

Artist, educator, television technician

9 January 1955
Nhlokwana Livingstone (approx 1989)
Nicholas S.
Nicholas Zulu
Nick Kekone
Nicol Julia Anti-apartheid activist, lobbied for the rights of LGBTQI+ people to be constitutionally recognized Unknown April 3, 2019
Niehaus Carl

ANC activist, political prisoner, ambassador, Member of Parliament .

25 December 1959
Nieodemus Brandt
Nikelo David
Nissen Frederick 31 December 1993
Nixkey Basil 9.9.76
Njaba Zoro
Njakazi Mthunzi 8 February 1991
Njobe Samuel 03-March-1986
Njobe Mwelase
Njokwana Aaron 1940 11 December 1963
Njongwe James Lowell Zwelinzima

Medical doctor, Member of the ANC Youth League, President of the Cape ANC and Chief organiser of the Defiance Campaign in the Eastern Cape in 1952

12 January 1919 1976
Njongwe Nkululo 31-July-1985
Nkabinde Dumisane
Nkabinde Daniel 28-March-1988
Nkabinde Simon

Artist - Musician

30 November 1937 27 July 1999
Nkabinde Elias
Nkabinde Simion
Nkabinde Sifiso

Chairman of DCO Mathewane Youth Organisation, and a member of the ANC's Self Defence Unit (SDU) in Richmond, Chairman of the ANC's Richmond branch, Secretary General of the ANC in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands region, ANC MPL, National Secr

1960 23-January-1999
Nkabinde Fanyana 26.12.76
Nkadimeng H.
Nkadimeng Vernon 14 May 1985
Nkadimeng Stephen

Member of the ANC, banished person

Nkadimeng Vernom &lsquoRogers&rsquo 1958 25 June 1985
Nkadimeng Elija
Nkadimeng John Shop steward at African Tobacco Workers' Union, served on SACTU's executive committee, appointed to the ANC national executive committee, defendant in the 1956 Treason trial, was appointed South African Ambassador to the People's Republic of Cuba. Recipient of the ANC's Isithwalandwe/Seaparankwe and the South African President's National Award, the Order of Luthuli in Gold.  1925 6 August 2020
Nkadimeng Vernom ‘Rogers’

Member of the ANC, MK and SACTU. Was killed in a SADF cross brder raid in Botswana

1958 25-June-1985
Nkambule David 26.12.76
Nkampeni J.

Businessman. Member of the Industrial and Commercial Union and the African National Congress. Leader of the Korsten ratepayers

Nkangana Zacharia 26.12.76
Nkata Samuel 26.12.76
Nkatlo Joseph

Joseph Nkatlo was vice-chairman of the Liberal Party in the Cape, was briefly a member of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA)

Nkilash Shani
Nkoana Matthew

Political columnist for the Bantu World, supporter of the Africanist faction within the African National Congress (ANC). Arrested in March 1960 for participating in the Pan Africanist Congress' (PAC) antipass campaign, he emerged as a spokesman for the

c 1930
Nkobi Thomas Titus

Member of the national executive committee of the ANC, leader of the 1957 bus boycott in Alexandra Township,  Treasurer-General of the ANC

Nkofu Mnyane 26,12,76
Nkoli Simon 26 November 1957 30 November 1998
Nkolonga Daniel
Nkomo Masipalati 1941 21 March 1962
Nkomo William Frederick

Medical doctor and a teacher.

1915 26 March 1972
Nkomo Bongani
Nkomo Eric 26.12.76
Nkondi Victor
Nkondo Curtis

School principal, President of AZAPO,
 Member of the ANC, the first Deputy President of SADTU, South African Diplomat

01-February-1928 03-December-2009
Nkondo Boetie
Nkondo Victor
Nkonjiwa Solomzi
Nkonyane Norurau 10.8.76
Nkonyani Discipline
Nkonyeni Nomhle Narrator, Actress  9 April 1942 10 July 2019
Nkopane Mokoena
Nkosana Robert
Nkosana David
Nkosi Richard
Nkosi Victor

Banished person

Nkosi Penrose (approx 1985)
Nkosi Leonard
Nkosi Mathews 11-November-1986
Nkosi Alfred 03/28/88
Nkosi Linda 11/11/67
Nkosi Lawrence

Trade Unionist and one of the accussed in the infamous Treason Trial of 1956

Nkosi Mandla

International acclaimed artist

13 June 1962 26 June 1987
Nkosi Stanley


25-November-1945 December-1988
Nkosi Sokhaya

Graphic artist

Nkosi Zamazulu

First Black matron for the Natal Provincial Administration

Nkosi Lewis

South African writer, academic and literary critic

05-December-1936 05-September-2010
Nkosi Aubrey 07-November-1991
Nkosi Johannes

Member of the Communist Party of South Africa and the ANC,organizer in the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union,during the burning of pass books in Durban in 1930 there was a bloody clash between Africans and the Durban city police, Nkosi and sever

03-September-1905 19-December-1930
Nkosi Jacob 31.12.76
Nkosi Monica 1.8.76
Nkosi Isaac

Saxophonist, composer and record producer

Nkosi Reginald
Nkosinathi Mshengu
Nkosinathi Mazibuko
Nkosinathi Hlati
Nkosiyane Jackson (Balisile))

Banished person

Nkotsi Anthony Molebatsi


11 October 1955
Nkowana Sonny
Nkula Hector
Nkululeko Magubane
Nkumbi Elias
Nkuna Styles
Nkundla Klaas
Nkundla Klaas
Nkuta Gordon 25.7.76
Nkwana Peter 26.12.76

Student leader, member of SAYCO, Member of the ANCYL and ANC, Political Commissar of MK. 

5 May 2013
Nkwe Joseph 26.12.76
Nkwenkwe Nontetha

Seer, prophet and diviner

1875 1935
Nobadula Thembi

Member of the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL), one of the organisers and participants of the 1956 Women’s March, exiled person

23 December 1927 9 May 2021
Nobel Alfred

Swedish chemist, engineer, industrialist and inventor of dynamite 

21 October 1833 10 December 1896
Nobhadula Mzukisi 20-December-1977
Nobleman Shezi
Nocuka Bulipani
Noel Jeanie 1942
Noel Sechaba
Noel V.R.

A member of Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), banned by the apartheid government.

Nogaya A. B. 1925
Noge Cornelius 26.12.76
Nogoya A. B.

Member of the African National Congress and during the Defiance Campaignled a batch of 40 volunteers to defy apartheid regulations, for which he served two months imprisonment.

Nogusha Mnguni
Nojoko Zamuxolo 11-November-1990
Nokhala Jiyani 08-September-1986
Nokhamba Ntandazo

Miner, Worker, Marikana Casuality

16 August 2012
Noki Mgcineni

Miner, Worker, Marikana Casuality

16 August 2012
Nokwana Nomvula 26.12.76
Nokwe Tu


Nokwe Alfred

Co-conspirators listed at the 1963-64 Rivonia Trail

Nokwe Philemon

Teacher and first African advocate of the Supreme Court of Transvaal. Chairperson of the Orlando branch of the CYL, member of the national executive committee of the ANC, as well as secretary of its working committee, Secretary-General of the ANC and D

13 May 1927 12 January 1978
Nolovu H.J. 26.12.76
Nomvethe Siyabonga 2 December 1977
Nondulo Ernest
Nonduwa Mzikayise
Nonelikana Samson
Nongqawuse Nongqawuse 1841 1898
Nonno Sidwell 26 May 1990
Nonsendwa Mhlekwa
Nontente Kamteni
Nontshingala Nyameko
Noordien E.
Nopokola Mandla
Norgaard Mads

Photographer and webmaster at South African History Online (SAHO)

Norman Yengeni
Norman Moloi
Norman Seyeke
Norman Simelane
Norman Macanda
Norman Metshane
Norman Mhlongo
Norshee Sandile
Norton Victor


12 August 1906 4 May 1983
Nota Kwatla 1934 18 September 1962
Notana Sipho
Nothard Constance Annie

fursing sister and recipient of the Florence Nightingale Medal.

7 July 1889 1981
Notwayo Johannes 1923 14 October 1963
Nqaba Gordon
Nqaba W. 26.12.76
Nqaba Gwebani
Nqaphayi Shirley
Nqcobo Eric
Nqhoba Shadrack 26.12.76
Nqini Zola
Nqoime Simon
Nqongophele Bongani

Minor, Worker, Casualty

16 August 2012
Nqulwana Mqokeleli 1939 15 June 1967
Nqulwana Gladstone 1939 23 November 1967
Nsibande Cleopas Madoda

Liberation struggle veteran, prominent Trade Unionist, Treason Trialist and Founding Member and former Vice President of the South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU).

25 March 1928 26 December 2008
Nsibande Cleopas

Trade unionist, founding member of SACTU, defendant in the 1956 Treason Trial,leaders of the ‘Potato boycott’ in Southern Transvaal

25-March-1928 26-December-2008
Nsusha Nhlanhla

Sculptor and painter

Ntaba Matthew
Ntakwende Leslie
Ntando Mbatha
Ntanzi Egu 26.12.76
Ntebele Francis 23.8.76
Ntenetya Mongezeleli

Minor, Worker, Casualty

16 August 2012
Nteyi Andile
Nthite Peter Papela

Member of the African National Congress,  chairman of the Sophiatown Youth League and National ANC Youth League secretary. 1956 Treason Trial defendant

1929 2010
Nthite Peter 1929
Nthontang Mokongana
Ntidane Patrick 31.12.76
Ntile Colenso
Ntini Makhaya

Fast Bowler for the South African National cricket  team

Ntini Humphrey
Ntlabati Logan K.

Political activist

Ntlaleng Johannes 31.12.76
Ntloko S
Ntloko Esdras
Ntloko Phambili
Ntoane S .G. Sekano

Church moderator

14 April 1904 1980
Ntobongwana Monde 11-November-1991
Ntolose Dyantyi
Ntoni Victor 1947 28 January 2013
Ntoyi Faku
Ntsabo Donker 1935 31 July 1967
Ntsangani Bonakele

Musician, charged in the 1956 Treason Trial, involved in the Rivonia Trial, Robben Island prisoner and served as an MK commander in the Border region

1923 1989
Ntsanwisi Hudson

Educationist, author, Professor of African Languages and Dean at the University of the North (Turfloop). Later became Vice–President of the Transvaal African Teacher’s Union, Chief of the Majeje people and Chief Minister of Gazank

11-July-1920 23-March-1993
Ntsele Yvonne 10 May 1987
Ntsele Fraser 17.6.76
Ntsenyeho Andries

Miner, Worker, Marikana Casuality

16 August 2012
Ntshalintshali Bonie


01-January-1967 03-November-1999
Ntshalintshali Bonie Mayvee 13 November 1967
Ntshangane Elliot
Ntshangase Alson


Ntshekeng Lati
Ntshengudza Carlton 20-December-1986
Ntshona Winston

Actor and playwright 

6 October 1941
Ntshuntsha Nanaotha
Ntsibande Petrus
Ntsie Alex 15.9.76
Ntsikelelo Qaku
Ntsikelelo Kwezi
Ntsikelo Dalasile
Ntsoele Molefi

Miner, Worker, Casualty

16 August 2012
Ntuli Chris 14 April 1989
Ntuli Hezekiel 1912 1973
Ntuli Jabulani Albert 1898
Ntuli Vukile


Ntuli Sam 29 September 1991
Ntuli Mteteleli 1940 30 May 1968
Ntuli Pitika

Pitika Ntuli is a sculptor, poet, writer and an academic who has contributed to the political and artistic discourse of South Africa with his representations of South African society.

Ntuli Samuel 26.12.76
Ntuli Bongani
Ntwampe Motodi

Banished person.

Ntwampe Molomo

Banished person.

Ntwana Abel

Banished person

Ntwanambi Nosipho

founding member of UWO and SADTU, Deputy President of the ANCWL and member of the ANC’s NEC

25-September-1959 08-July-2014
Ntwebana Mzwakhe 11/11/88
Nujoma Sam

fouth West African Peoples’ Organization leader and President of Namibia

Nunn Cedric Photographer, filmmaker and member of Afrapix 22 December 1957
Nunu Desmond

Student activist, NUSAS President and Lawyer. 

19 June 1950
Nuttal Michael

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA)

Nxasana Bhekisisa Harold

Labour activist.

26 September 1936
Nxele Makhanda

Itola (War-Doctor)

Estimated to be 1780 August 1820
Nxumalo Sifiso 06-August-1988
Nxumalo Jabulani
Nxumalo Henry

Investigative journalist

1917 1957
Nxumalo Jabulani "Mzala"

Thinker, orator and writer

27 October 1955 22 February 1991
Nxumalo Caiphas


1940 2002
Nxumalo Derrick
Nxumalo Derrick


Nxumalo Esther
Nxumalo Willis


Nxumalo Henry.


1918 1956
Nxumalo Simon 15 May 1992
Nxumalo Mdu
Nxumalo Sifiso
Nxumalo Victor
Nxumalo Mandla 24.8.76
Nxumalo Patrick
Nyanda Siphiwe

Political Activist.

Nyanda Zwelake
Nyangeni Richard 20-December-1986
Nyanzi Stella Academic, writer, Research Fellow at Makerere Institute of Social Research, political activist, feminist, queer rights activist, was arrested for insulting the Ugandan President, Oxfam Novib/PEN Prize for Freedom of Expression recipient 16 June 1974
Nyaose Jacob Dumdum

Member of the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union, organising secretary for the African Bakers and Confectioners Union, official of the Transvaal Council of Non-European Trade Unions. He formed the Federation of Free African Trade Unions of South Africa

c 1920
Nyati Johanna 26.12.76
Nyatlo Lesiba
Nyawose Jabulile

member of Black Allied Workers Union, South African Congress of Trade Unions, uMkhonto weSizwe and the African National Congress, killed in exile.

4 June 1982
Nyawose Petrus

exile, member of Black Allied Workers Union, South African Congress of Trade Unions, uMkhonto weSizwe and the African National Congress, killed in exile.

4 June 1982
Nye Mark

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), banned by the apartheid government.

Nyembe Basil 06/11/84
Nyembe Dorothy

She joined the African National Congress (ANC) in 1952, and in 1954 participated in the establishment of the ANC Women’s League in Cato Manor. Dorothy was one of the leaders of the Women's March to the union buildings in 1956.

31-December-1931 17-December-1998
Nyembezi M 21-March-1960
Nyerere Julius

Prime Minister of Tanganyika (1961); President of Tanganyika (1962 - 1964); President of the United Republic of Tanzania (1964 - 1985).

13 April 1922 14 October 1999
Nyide Eugene
Nyobo Kolekile
Nyoka Makhosazana 06-August-1988
Nyoka Caiphus 23-August-1987
Nyoka Makhosi
Nyoka Makhosi

Exiled MK member of the African National Congress (ANC) who, together with nine others, was killed in what is today known as the Piet Retief Ambushes in June 1988, recipient of a National Award from the South African Government. 

3 April 1957 8 June 1988
Nyoni Willie
Nyovu Titus 1935 3 July 1964
Nyukile Trom
Nzaba Zorro
Nzama Basilo 11/11/78
Nzima Masana

For his excellent contribution in photo journalism and placing the brutality of the Apartheid police in the international spotlight, Nzima was conferred with the Order of Ikhamanga in Bronze

08-August-1934 12 May 2018
Nzima Patrick
Nzimande Emmanuel

Industrial Sociologist, Industrial Psychologist,  lecturer, author,  member of a number of progressive education organisations, General Secretary of the South African Communist Party, Council member at the University of South Africa; member o

14 April 1958
Nzo Alfred

Member of the ANC Youth League, chairperson of ANC branch in Alexandra and national executive committee member elected and Secretary-General  of the ANC and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Was awarded The Order of the Luthuli by President Thabo

19 June 1925 13-January-2000
Nzube Nangamso
Nzula Albert

Teacher, Secretary of the Aliwal North branch of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU), member of the Communist Party of South Africa and the African National Congress, ran the Federation of Non-European Trade Unions,writer on the The Negro Worker.

14 January 1934
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