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Last name First name Synopsis Date of birth Date of death
Vadi Ismail

Teacher, lecturer, member of the Transvaal Indian Congress (TIC) and the United Democratic Front (UDF), founder member of the Lenasia Youth League and the Progressive Teachers' League. Served as a national vice-president of the South African Democratic Teachers' Union.

Vallabh Desai
Vallie Zubeida 1963
Van den Berg Maritz

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA). Detained in 1961. Banned by the apartheid government

Van den Berg Clive 1956
van den Heever Leonora

First female judge to be appointed permanently to the appellate division of the South African Supreme Court.

Van der byl Pieter Voltelyn Graham.

folitician and soldier.

21 February 1889 21 January 1975
van der Gucht Rosalie

Drama teacher.

van der Poel Jean

Historian and lecturer

12-December-1904 03-August-1986
van der Ross Richard Ernest

Principal of a teacher training school, one of the leaders of the Coloured "convention" movement, first president of the Labour Party of South Africa, assistant education planner in the Department of Coloured Affairs, first editor of the Cape Herald, Rector of the University of the Western Cape

Van der Ross Nova 08-September-1976
van der Stel Simon

Commander of the Cape (1679-1691)
First Governor of the Dutch Cape Colony (1691-1699)

14 October 1639 24 June 1712
Van der Stel Willem Adriaan 1664 1733
van Eck Jan

City Councilor, MP and Peace Mediator who played a leading role in peace mediation efforts as Burundian peace facilitator.

18 December 1943 27 January 2009
van Essche Maurice
Van Heeden Auret

A member of the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS)

Van Kerke Naomi 08-September-1976
van Niekerk Marlene

Poet, novelist, short-story writer, awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in Silver for her outstanding intellectual contribution to the literary arts and culture field through poetry, literature and philosophical works.

Van Niekerk Viljoen Gerrit

Former Minister of Education and Constitutional Development

11 September 1926
van Plettenberg Baron

Member of the Council of Justice in Batavia,Governor of the Cape Colony 

8 March 1739 1793
Van Reenen Colyn

A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa (LPSA), detained in 1961.

van Riebeeck Johan "Jan"

Founder and first commander of Cape Town, South Africa. van Riebeeck was an Administrator of the Dutch East India Company (DEIC). He landed at the southern tip of Africa on 6 April 1652 to establish a settlement for the DEIC.

21 April 1619 18 January 1677
Van Rooyen Aubrey 26-December-1976
van Staden Raymond

For his selfless act in saving a person from drowning at Warner Beach outside Durban, van Staden was awarded the Order of Mendi for Bravery in Bronze.

27 January 1961 2 April 2010
van Wouw Anton


20 November 1862 30 June 1945
van Wyk Chris

editor, poet, author, recipient of Olive Schreiner Award

19-July-1957 03-October-2014
van Wyk Hendrik

Khiosan chief, community leader, political activist, trade unionist

14 July 1946
Van Wyk Louw Nicholaas Petrus


11 June 1906 1970
van Zyl Slabbert Frederik

Professor of Sociology, Member of Parliament, leader of the Progressive Federal Party, Director of Policy and Planning of IDASA, politcal consultant, research fellow, author, co-founded Khula, a Black investment trust, headed a team investigating a new electoral system for South Africa in 2002, Chancellor of Stellenbosch University 

2 March 1940 14 May 2010
Vanda Ngwenduna

Member of the ANC and MK.Killed in combat

31 December 1986
Vandeyar Reggie

Member of the TIC, SAIC, ANC, MK and UDF

15-July-1931 17-September-2015
Vania Solly
Vanqa Mbuyiselo Stanley

Member of the African National Congress

Varachia A.
Variava Sadecque Political activist, teacher, member of SASO, BPC, PET and AZAPO. Sadecque Variava is a Black Consciousness activist who introduced the movement to Lenasia in the early 1970s. After 1994 he continues to be an active member of Azapo, having stood for several elections. 8 July 1949
Vasi Mzwanele
Vavi Zwelinzima

Trade unionist and General Secretary of COSATU

Vearey Jeremy

Western Cape Deputy Commissioner in Charge of Detectives, former MK operative, teacher

24 April 1963
Vela Zakwe
Velaphi Mlungisi 28-March-1988
Velaphi Mlungiseleli

Member of the UDF, ANC and MK, exiled person, underwent Special Forces training with specialisation in rural guerrilla warfare in Cuba, killed in combat.

1967 28 March 1988
Velapi Ngwenya
Velelo Soyizwapi
Velile Luvuno
Venkatrathnam Surinarayan 'Sonny'

Member of the Unity Movement of South Africa, Robben Island prisoner

27 July 1935 15 March 2019
Ventolo Michael
Vermeulen Jeffrey 16.9.76
Verster Andrew 15-June-1937 16 February 2020
Verwoerd Hendrik Academic, South African Prime Minister, considered to be the primary architect of apartheid  8 September 1901 6 September 1966
Victor Nkabinde
Victor Kubeka
Victory Messack
Vidge Mgweba
Vigne James

Anti Apartheid activist, founder member of the National Committee for Liberation, founder of the African Resistance Movement (ARM). 

Vikilahle Mbuyiselo
Vilakazi Moses 21.6.76
Vilakazi Sipho
Vilakazi Joseph
Vilakazi Benedict 06- January-1906 26-October-1947
Vilankulu Mangoeng 26.12.76
Viljoen Sally 9.9.76
Viljoen Jacob
Viljoen Gerrit

Professor at the Classics department at the University of Pretoria, rector of the Rand Afrikaans University, Administrator of South West Africa (Namibia), Minister of National Education,National Party delegate to the Convention for a Democratic South A

11-September-1926 29-March-2009
Viljoen Johannes Willem (Jan)

Imprisoned at Colesberg in 1846 for anti-British activities,  he took part in the Battle of Boomplaats, hunter, led a commando in the First Anglo-Boer War 

14 May 1812 30 April 1893
Villa Edoardo 1920
Villiers Maqhutyana
Vincent Nkono
Vincent Nkosi
Vincent Nancy 1895
Viyaydave Patel
Vlachakis Andreas


Vladislavic Ivan
Vlok Adriaan

Minister of Law and Order in South Africa from 1986 to 1991 in the final years of the apartheid era. Also Correctional Services & Deputy Minister of Defence.

11 December 1937
Volschenk Jan Ernest Abraham
Vorster Balthazar Lawyer, instrumental in the founding of the Ossewa-Brandwag, and also became a general in its paramilitary wing, Minister of Justice, Prime Minister of South Africa and later President of South Africa 13 December 1915 10 September 1983
Vosloo Susan

South Africa's first female heart surgeon

Voyi Sizile
Vukile Gumenge
Vukile Mabusala
Vuleni Mkhize
Vulindlela Manakaza
Vulindlela Sadunge 1934 3 July 1964
Vulindlela Maliza 1934 3 July 1964
Vulindlela Bekapansi 1946 3 July 1964
Vulindlela Shilegu 1936 3 July 1964
Vulindlela Bonase 1918 3 July 1964
Vumile Matthews
Vundla Phillip

Organiser for the African Mineworkers' Union and also served on the National Anti-Pass Council in 1944, Businessman and Civic Leader.

1901 1969
Vundla Jabu
Vundla Patrick
Vusi Msweli
Vusimuzi Zwane
Vuso Mathemba 11-November-1987
Vusumizi Lucas
Vusumizi Neni
Vusumuzi Nene
Vusumzi Kube
Vusumzi Mcongo
Vuyana Bobbetyana
Vuyani Dlanjwa
Vuyisile Ncapayi
Vuyo Qeqe
Vuysile Dida
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